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San Kamphaeng

Chiang Mai has a lot of shops where they sell beautifully-made handicraft items but if you are a crafts lover who wishes to see more of the locals artistry and skill, then taking a tour to the San Kamphaeng is definitely the best adventure tour for you. San Kamphaeng is located along the highway stretch which is the home to numerous villages and factories that produce paper, lacquer ware, pottery, wood carvings, silk, food, jewelries, umbrellas, antiques and more; making San Kamphaeng the ultimate haven for crafts and art enthusiasts.

From the city of Chiang Mai, San Kamphaeng is located around 13-kilometers east of the Highway 1006, it is also known as the Handicrafts Highway which is actually a two-lane road that is overly teeming and congested during the peak traveling seasons since it is the only main road that drives through the area center of activities. On each side of the road, you will see little factories and shops lining the area where you will be able to see a lot of the local artists practicing their craft with excellent skills honed from centuries-old tradition. However, you should keep in mind that the tour can be done independently or you can visit San Kamphaeng as a travel group since this is a private tour only.

When you set foot in San Kamphaeng, you will notice that there are a lot of Asian Antique Shops available yet do not expect to see tons of genuinely authentic antiques present since most of these have already been sold some time ago. Furthermore, genuine artifacts cannot be brought out of the country so even if there are still some of these available, you will still be unable to take them back to with you to your country as a souvenir. However, even if these artifacts are no longer available, high-quality items that have been reproduced today are present modern pieces that you can see and purchase from the stores in San Kamphaeng.


For high-quality wood carving channels, you can visit the Chiang Mai Tusnaporn a Thai company that specializes in creating rosewood and teak furniture, and the Pech Viriya a local group of carvers who specialize in creating figurines of wooden elephants. Other than finely-made woodwork, you can find the best and most skilled silversmiths in San Kamphaeng and the items they produce range from little yet intricately designed jewelry to houseware items such as various silverware and the like.

Moreover, you should not miss any of the jewelry shops when you visit the San Kamphaeng such as the Gems Gallery that has the largest showroom in the area, where you will be able to see a display of about a thousand beautiful pieces. The San Kamphaeng village has more things for you to see and explore, so when you visit the region of Chiang Mai, might as well take a San Kamphaeng tour package so you can indulge in the skilled work and artistry of the Thais.


Group trip cost to meet the artists – 580 Thai Baht per person
8:30 morning pick up or 1:30 in the afternoon

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