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Lifestyle Adventure Trek 1 Day Tour

Venturing on a trekking adventure in a place where rich picturesque views and sceneries are displayed for your eyes to indulge in; there are large numbers of different options that you can choose from and all these will satiate everyone’s wants and adventure requirements.

One great way to spend your touring adventure in Thailand is by joining the challenges of rapids, or enjoying a relaxing yet fun elephant ride where you will also be able to meet the various hill tribes and their people, plus experience their lifestyle and culture. If you take on the Lifestyle Adventure Trek Tour, the schedule will normally start early in the morning and you will be assisted by an expert English speaking guide throughout the whole trekking adventure.

Every traveler who visits the northern region of Thailand finds ways to incorporate trekking into their adventure itinerary and the best place to enjoy and experience this exciting trip is by heading for the region of Chiang Mai which is considered to be the haven of trekking adventures. This is because of the mountain ranges that surround the beautiful region and with all the present terrain that works excellently for trekking adventures; you will understand why Chiang Mai has become the most spectacular place for such trips. With the combined thrill of the trekking adventure plus the fun and excitement from other activities such as White-Water Rafting, elephant rides, visiting waterfalls, the Orchid Farm, and hill tribe villages, you will surely have a satisfying visit to the beautiful region of Chiang Mai. There will be other activities aside from trekking and since there will also be a lot of rafting and swimming, it is best that you bring your swimwear and additional change of clothing.

Orchid Farm

The trekking adventure starts early where you will have a morning pick-up right at your guesthouse or hotel, and it is usually between eight to eight-thirty when your ride arrives. From your hotel, you will travel all the way to Chiang Mai’s Butterfly and Orchid farm where you will be mesmerized by the dazzling display of varying colors of all the beautiful flowers in the garden; a perfect place to visit especially if you are someone who enjoys seeing the different kinds of flowers that grow in a specific area.

Visiting the Long Neck Village

Visiting the Long Neck Village will give you the chance to learn about their way of living, their culture, and the activities that they engage in daily; you will get to talk to the people from the tribe, along with other two tribes that you will get to visit, and they will greet you with warm smiles and open arms which give off a very welcoming feeling once you set foot in their area.

An hour ride on Elephants through the Jungle

One of the best ways to explore the lush and verdant jungles of Thailand is by taking an hour ride on one of the majestic elephants during the tour. You will follow a path that leads deep into the jungle to see the rich flora and fauna present while also immersing in the beauty and freshness of nature that the region has to offer. Aside from taking in the stunning views of the surroundings and also the enjoyment of being able to ride on these gentle giants, you will be given adequate information about the elephants, their temperament, and how they usually react to certain situations. After the elephant ride, you will then take a break to have some lunch and to relax.

Waterfalls Visit

After lunch, you will be driven to the starting point to have a nice walk to the enchanting waterfalls where you can swim and relax while enjoying more of the views of the surroundings. The area will exhibit the natural charm and allure of the region and you will also be able to enjoy picnics around the area before taking a dip in the clean cool water.


White Water and Bamboo Rafting

After swimming and taking a cool plunge along the waterfalls, you will take an hour walk to the rafting area to enjoy a thrilling white rafting adventure, followed by a relaxing bamboo rafting session for fifteen minutes. The white rafting session usually takes about an hour, but if the current is too strong, they would limit the ride to just thirty or forty minutes. After the white water and bamboo rafting adventure, you will be driven back to Chiang Mai at around six in the evening.

Lifestyle Adventure Trek 1 Day Tour – Schedule

Pick up time – 8:00 to 8:30 in the morning
Return Time – 5:30 to 6:00 in the evening

  • Orchid Farm
  • Visiting the hill tribe villages
  • Elephant Ride
  • Lunch
  • Walk to the waterfalls area
  • White-water and bamboo rafting

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