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Jeep Tours

One of the best ways to explore the region is by booking Jeep Tours to easily travel to the different famous spots in the area such as temples, sacred mountains, local markets and more.

Thailand is among the most alluring and charming countries that you can visit in Southeast Asia, where you can engage in various activities, tours, and adventures because of its lush and beautiful surroundings that display the richness of its jungles, agriculture, and even the mountain ranges. You will find Thailand in Asia Indo-China peninsula which makes the country well known for its beautiful beaches, grandiose and luxurious royal palaces, and fancily decorated temples that exhibit the figurines or statues of Buddha who has been admired by the Thais ever since.

Aside from its undeniably breathtaking environment and surroundings, Thailand also has the best places for tours and adventures which is why a lot of guests come to this enticingly attractive country due to its numerous activities that one can take part in – you will not only escape into this haven of beauty and charm, but you will also be given the chance to immerse in their traditions, culture, and learn everything about Thailand to make for a memorable trip here.

Chiang Mai Jeep Tours

Once you set foot in the country, there will be various places for you to visit, one being Chiang Mai which is a favorite spot among tourists because of the numerous activities that you may engage in during your stay. One of the best ways to explore the region is by booking Jeep Tours to easily travel to the different famous spots in the area such as temples, sacred mountains, local markets and more.

Day One

Wat Phra That Doi Suthep

For these jeep tours, your day will usually start early at around 8:30 in the morning to be able to reach the first destination point just at the right time. It will be required of you to wait for the pick-up service by the lobby area of your accommodation before taking the long three-hour drive straight to the first stop of the jeep tour.

After the lengthy ride, you will first set foot in the sacred temple of the Wat Phra That Doi Suthep which is located right at the top of one of the tallest mountains in the country, the Doi Suthep. The Wat Phra That Doi Suthep or more commonly known as the Doi Suthep is a sacred temple located in the northernmost region of Thailand which overlooks the beautiful city of Chiang Mai from its high mountain throne. The temple itself already displays the skills and creativity of Chiang Mai’s architecture so seeing the temple in person would definitely be a very memorable experience of a lifetime.

It can be reached by taking a rather exhausting uphill walk on a 306-step staircase that is surrounded by naga serpents which the locals say were created to protect the area; the long path was generally created to help numerous devotees to acquire Buddhist merit, yet for those who are unable to climb these arduous steps to reach the Doi Suthep, they can instead take a ride on a funicular styled lift for only a few Thai Baht to get to the temple of the Doi Suthep.

Mok Fa Waterfalls

After visiting the temple, you will take another drive to reach the next destination spot and along the way, you will be given the chance to stop over numerous interesting places and areas before reaching the Mok Fa Waterfalls where you will be able to take a dip and relax; however, you should keep in mind that visiting the waterfalls is not always possible – if the weather is good, you will be able to visit the area for a swim and even a picnic. If you have your camera with you, it will be highly suggested that you take various photos of the beautiful lush greenery that encircles the area so you will not only experience the naturally stunning views of the waterfalls, but you will also keep great memories in Chiang Mai once you leave and return to your home.

After enjoying a cool dip in the cool waters of the falls, you will take a stop and have a hearty lunch break at the nearest local restaurant that is available, then after indulging in the delectably delicious meals that were served, you will take another drive to the Memorial Bridge along the Pai River before heading to the district of Pai.

The Memorial Bridge, which can be found along the river of Pai is a very popular tourist attraction in the district of Pai. The bridge was created with the use of iron and was built in the year of 1942 by the Japanese to easily transfer and carry various provisions and weapons straight to Burma (Myanmar) during the Second World War. The Memorial Bridge can be found at the kilometer marker 88 right on the highway 1095 at the Mae Malai-Pai Road.

By afternoon or late evening, the stop will be by the district of Pai where you will be able to set up and rest in one of the charmingly beautiful resorts in the district; after taking a few minutes of rest, you can explore the area and head for the local night market which is the usual tourist destination for those who visit the area. The Pai Market usually starts at around 6:00 in the evening and from there, you can enjoy various Thai dishes, various shops that sell souvenirs, crafts and more. You will have the rest of the night for yourself before enjoying the second day of your Jeep Tours.

Lisu Tribes

When morning comes on your second day of the Jeep Tour, you will start the day by delighting in the taste of delicious meals together with authentic Chinese tea produced in the area before proceeding to the first stop listed in your itinerary and this will be in the village of the Lisu Tribe.

The Lisu people are considered to be direct descendants and are in line of ancestry of semi-nomadic and indigenous tribes of Tibet. Their Lisu Village in Thailand is known as the Nong Tong in the Mae Hong Son province which is located close to the town of Soppong in the northern region. These people have been settling in this area for about 80 years ago and the village has become the home of about 500 Lisu people. After interacting and learning more about their culture and tradition, you leave for the next destination spot and it will be in the Tham Lot Cave.

Tham Lot Cave

A huge cave that can be located close to the Pang Mapha district in the northernmost region of Thailand the Tham Lot measures at a length of 1,666m and this is where the Nam Lang River flows. This expansive cave is handsomely filled with stunningly brilliant stalagmites and stalactites which make for a perfect place to visit when in the area of Chiang Mai. Aside from being a place that is filled with such beauty, the cave is also the home to an abundant number of swifts and bats, plus it is also known to be one of the caves in the area where a few number of coffins made of teakwood have been found. These discovered coffins were thought to have been created by the Lawa people who resided in the area, thousands of years in the past.

When you have reached the end of your visit to the cave, you will leave the area for lunch and enjoy more of the country delicious and mouthwatering meals at a local restaurant in the area. Afterwards, you can relax and enjoy the scenery while drifting down the river on a tranquil boat ride until you reach the unique and interesting village of the long neck women. Here, you will see one of the most beautiful villages in the north of Thailand, plus you will also see the unique beauty of the tribes people residing in the community.

Mae Hong Son Temples

In the evening, you will be given the chance to visit the two most popular temples, or twin temples that rest in Mae Hong Son called the Wat Jong Kham and Wat Jong Klang. These two are the most famous landmarks in the area since they date back to as early as the 19th century and was built in a style inspired by the Burmese which makes both of these temples unique and different from all the other temples in Thailand.

Once you have finished exploring these temples, you will head back to the Imperial Tara Hotel where you can settle down, relax, then head out for the local market to purchase any other item necessary for the rest of the tour. The hotel can be located within the verdant and beautiful teak wood forest on the Mae Hong Son town, and it has accommodations of more than a hundred stunningly themed rooms which make it a perfect relaxing haven for anyone who visits the area. Each of the rooms in this hotel comes with all necessary amenities plus reliable services and facilities so you do not really have to worry about not having a comfortable stay during the tour.

Day Three (travel time totals to 4-5 hours)

When you wake up on the third and last day of your Jeep Tour, you will be given some time to freshen up, have breakfast, then get ready for the ride to the Doi Inthanon which is the country highest mountain of all with a height of 2,565m. The Doi Inthanon can be located in the Chom Thong District which is in the beautiful region of Chiang Mai. Today, the mountain summit is a famous destination spot for both its foreign and Thai tourists.

Here, you will visit the local village as well as the great falls in the area before heading for one of the local restaurants to have lunch and also to take a break before heading all the way back to Chiang Mai by around 7:00 in the evening.

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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the Jeep Tours

Q: Will the trip include a service pick-up from our guesthouse/hotel to the destination spot then back to Chiang Mai?
A: Yes, you will be picked-up from your hotel then will be taken for a ride throughout the whole trip; once the adventure has ended, you will be driven back to your guesthouse/hotel in Chiang Mai.

Q: Will you provide accommodations before and after the trip?
A: No. The Jeep Tour will only provide accommodations for two nights during the trip.

Q: Is it possible to book and reserve hotel accommodations through you? If yes, how can it be done?
A: Yes. Simply send us an email regarding this inquiry and we will respond with steps and suggestions.

Q: Once we return to Chiang Mai from the trip, will you take us back to our hotel?
A: No. You will have to return to your accommodations on your own, the drive will take about ten minutes. If you take a taxi, it will cost you around 150 Thai Baht.

Q: Does the whole trip include meals?
A: Yes, you will be provided with 5 sets of meals throughout the whole trip.

Q: Where do you leave your belongings during the trip?
A: You can leave your things in the hotel you are staying in since they will be in safe hands despite you traveling for a couple of days for the tour.

Q: What should we bring during the trip?
A: If you are going to partake in the trip in the months of November to February, it is mandatory to bring warm clothes since it gets very cold during these months. The usual things to bring include cameras, additional change of clothing, anti-mosquito products and gadgets to keep you entertained.

Q: There are similar Jeep Tours offered by other companies and they are cheaper compared to yours. Why is that?
A: We do not compete with other companies’ tour prices and we base it on our tours level of quality. We ensure that the guests taking our tour are comfortable, safe and relaxed during their whole time with us, plus we provide great accommodations for the trip which is why our prices are slightly higher compared to others.

Q: Why is it necessary to pay for an advanced deposit for the trip?
A: The reason for this is because the hike, guide, vehicle and hotels were all paid in advance, so if any cancellation occurs, the advanced deposit will be used to pay for cancellation fees for the hotels, etc.

Q: What can we do if we do not want to pay for the advanced deposit?
A: We can provide stock up options as part of other companies that do not require any advanced payments.

Q: Is the Jeep Tour available daily?
A: Yes, there are two trips that leave everyday.

Q: What types of vehicles do you use for the Jeep Tours?
A: Only new vehicles (such as jeeps) are used during the trip.
Toyota Sport Riders, Isuzu Adventures, G-Wagon R controllers

Jeep Tour Expectations

The trip will consist of an organized group of six people, English-speaking guides and licensed drivers. These guides have been equipped with enough knowledge to keep you well-informed and entertained during the whole trip.
The Jeep Tours that we offer are unlike others since you will be taken to significant areas in the region that will surely bring memories to your trip in Thailand, and with the help of your guide, you will be given to ask various questions about the area, establishment, the people, and more.

Anyone can take part in the Jeep Trip which is also offered to tourists who come from different countries all over the world; so if you want to immerse in the beauty, allure, and charm of the country, take our Jeep Tour and experience the greatness of Thailand.

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