10 Best Chiang Mai Hotels

There are a lot of reasons to love Thailand. If you have been to Thailand you cannot escape the hold it has on you. Some tourists who have been at this exotic paradise say that if they miss visiting this country it feels like there’s a missing part of them that only Thailand can fill. Call it an unexplainable attachment that only home can give this is the response that you will get when you visit Thailand for the first time.

For starters, you will find that this place is a perfect place to travel. In fact, you get the best deals since you have the chance to visit an exotic paradise for a very affordable price. Have you ever wonder why some of the films that needs an exotic location always pick this place as their top ten favorite? In terms of business you always hear why choosing the right location is vitally important. The same thing can be said when you travel a country. Thailand is literally right in the middle of where the action is. It is halfway between Australia and Europe while it is just a few hours away to other Asian countries that tourist love to visit like Hong Kong, Singapore and Bali. This is just one of the appealing aspects of visiting Thailand.

Puripunn Baby Grand Boutique Hotel

If you check the prices for package tours you will find out that you got a good deal which is not really a bad way to spend the weekend or a much deserve R&R. Thailand boast of pristine beaches and picture Perfect Island. You will have fun taking pictures of the sceneries. Some even describe the scenery as a heavenly tropical paradise. The best place to escape is into Thailand’s Northern capital, Chiang Mai. This place has got the right elements to avoid the whirlwind pace of life in its southern part. You can always drop on the other side for a visit before your trip is over but, you will appreciate what Chiang Mai has in store for you.

Even if Chiang Mai has its fair share of eager tourist who are prepare to sight see this former Lanna Kingdom remains calm and laid back just the perfect blend of R&R. Get much needed recharge with the fabulous food that they offer. If you are up for a day of discovery there is something in this city that will make you spend hours and hours walking on its streets. If in case you don’t like to walk there is always the motorcycle or chartered rot daang( red truck) that can take you around rainforest, waterfalls, bubbly hot springs and peaceful country village. If you are up for an adventure Chiang Mai has this in droves.

Chiang Mai Hotels

Before you go ahead and explore the exciting adventures that only Thailand can offer the very first thing to do is to look for the right hotel to stay. There are hundreds if not thousands of hotel to stay in Chiang Mai however, there is always that hotels that manage to stand out from the rest of the pack. You can explore the hotels the dot the city. Most of these hotels pack their respective charm.

From luxurious hotels to old world charm you will find all kinds of hotels in Chiang Mai that will suit your fancy. If you wish to indulge in a spa there are certain hotels that offer this luxury. After all, Thailand is known for offering relaxing treats like this. What will make your tired muscles relax better is spending time under the soft and expert hands of the masseuse. If there is a word that can describe luxury Chiang Mai hotels has them and includes the following most coveted list of the best of the best hotels Chiang Mai:

  • Ping Nakara Boutique Hotel & Spa
  • Puripunn Baby Grand Boutique Hotel
  • The Dhara Dhevi Chiang Mai
  • Shangri-La Hotel Chiang Mai

After discovering such gems it is really up to you to decide whether you want to keep it to yourself of simply tell the world of your first-hand experience with any of these hotels. Maybe what you shared will help somebody to decide which hotel he will stay when he decides to visit Thailand. People who love traveling will often read reviews before they go and visit. In a way this will help them make a better decision than just simply trusting what the ads has to say about hotels in this part of Thailand.

Chiang Mai Resorts

There are hotels in Chiang Mai and there are resorts as well. The choice is actually yours. Among the most highly recommended choices when it comes to resorts includes:

  • Anantara Chiang Mai
  • 137 Pillars House Chiang Mai
  • Le Meridien Chiang Mai
  • Ratilanna Riverside Spa Resort
  • Rachamankha Chiang Mai

These resorts allows you to get acquainted with local Thai culture while at the same time have your piece of paradise and eat it. The perfect place to discover the treasures of Northern Thailand for a fraction of the price.


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Best Hotels in Chiang Mai

You will soon realize that not all hotels in Chiang Mai are created equal. Even tourist feedback states that there are ordinary hotels Chiang Mai and there are those that can be in league with the best hotels in Chiang Mai and even in Bangkok. It is always nice to spend your time knowing that you are staying in the best hotels in Chiang Mai. There are even Hotels Chiang Mai that offers world-renowned chefs to increase your dining experience. These chefs have received their awards for higher levels of performance thus the recognition given by their peers in the industry. Expect a much coveted dining experience if you ever stay at one of these top Chiang Mai hotels. Even if you ask other tourists they will tell you that they do read the feedbacks given about a certain Chiang Mai hotel before they finally book to stay. After all, what’s the use of staying in a hotel that will not serve you well as a patron? Looking for these ratings do actually mean a lot since you can be confident that you are getting your money’s worth when you stay in any of Hotels Chiang Mai.

Chiang Mai 5 Star Hotels

There are actually Chiang Mai hotels that are included in the list of the top 5 star hotels in this place. When it comes to hotel ratings as far as the industry is concern what separates the average from the real gems are those that belong to the list of the 5 star Chiang Mai hotel. There are actually several reasons why a hotel is categorize as such. If you are curious to know here are the features of 5 star Chiang Mai Hotel:

  • Superior in every sense in terms of quality
  • Flawless service
  • Greater luxury and comfort for the guests which means you
  • Complete facilities like:
  1. Food services
  2. Entertainment
  3. Rooms with great views
  4. Fitness Centers
  5. Spa
  6. Swimming Pool
  7. Ease of access to different kinds of services

Although people rely heavily on these star ratings there are really no uniform or standard in terms of international ratings given to hotels. At present the only way to know if you will get the best hotels in Chiang Mai is if it was given personal ratings by people like you who stayed there. There may be cases when surprise visits from hotel inspectors are in order to ensure that hotels in Chiang Mai that belong to the 5 star category will remain as is. Some Chiang Mai Hotel are given diamonds or other forms of recognition other than stars for great service. Ratings are actually produce by:

  • Independently run by private companies
  • Run by hotel booking sites
  • Using user generated system
  • Government run agencies

Le Meridien Chiang Mai

Le Meridien Chiang Mai

This Chiang Mai hotel is a mixture of luxury and modern convenience with a good location on Chang Klan Road. As a guest you will be inspired as you are greeted with different possibilities to fit your mood. This hotel gives you the luxury of choosing whether you want a calm and relaxing day or a day bursting with activities that you can participate in. This is one of the Chiang Mai hotels that boost of full body treatments and other luxurious services that your skin and body will love. You can swim in their outdoor swimming pool as you gaze in unobstructed views of the Doi Suthep Mountain. If your day is not complete without spending it in the gym this hotel has that amenity to help you sweat it out. Here are some of the features for this Chiang Mai Hotel:

  • Professional concierge service to handle arrangements on your behalf
  • Business Center for your needs as an executive which includes secretarial and administrative assistance. You can even place for a wireless room where you can have your private business meetings. High speed internet connection, computer rental, copying and printing services are also available as well
  • Recreational activities outside of the hotel. You can simply place a request on what type of activity you wish to participate which includes Boat rides, hiking, rafting and elephant trekking
  • Shopping galore. As a guest you will be glad to know that going to the colorful Night Bazaar will produce interesting exceptionally beautiful finds. You can also shop at this hotel’s shopping arcade that offers Thai décor and handicrafts
  • Unlock Art. Where you are given access to Borsang dainty handcrafted parasols made of bamboo and rice paper. You can watch as artists produce these hand painted works of art. You will be given a complimentary small rice paper umbrella as a souvenir

Smooth check in, very upscale, modern with enough rooms to sleep in, attentive staff and great breakfast to boot. This is how guests describes their stay in one of the hotels Chiang Mai that has manage to impress them a lot. If you love espresso and you are staying at this hotel you are invited to drink your cup at the lobby bar. No wonder this is one of the Chiang Mai hotels that were given more than 4 star rating for positive customer feedback.  Not a lot of hotels Chiang Mai can boast of being a stone’s throw away from the center of town and the night market. This hotel gives you the luxury of walking a short distance to the middle of town. With almost no customer complaint this hotel has got to be one of the places to stay when in this part of Thailand.

Anantara Chiang Mai


If you are searching for a resort while staying in Northern Thailand Anantara is one of the hotels Chiang Mai that strives to please.  This is riverside luxury at its finest. You can swim in the pools of this hotel as you watch the view of the Ping River. With a contemporary design accented by traditional Thai colonial elements this Chiang Mai hotel is a jewel with its own right. Relax on your balcony daybed as you watch courtyard gardens or the Thai river below. Here are other features that makes this hotel belong to the top hotels in Chiang Mai:

  • Waterfront pool
  • Kasara Lounge privilege for Kasara Suite guests
  • Lobby Lounge refreshments
  • All Day Dining at the Restaurant
  • The Service 1921 Restaurant and Bar
  • Afternoon Tea and High Tea
  • Exotic spas
  • Fitness center featuring revitalizing yoga or Thai boxing
  • Sunset river cruises
  • Cooking and massage lessons

Dhara Dhevi Chiang Mai


This is one of the Chiang Mai hotels that is made famous because of its luxurious treatments given to guests like you. Nestled in 60 acres of breathtaking landscape covering tropical grounds this Chiang Mai hotel gives luxury a new meaning. This hotel has been given the distinction as being the Thailand’s Rose of the North because it is always in full bloom much like the proverbial flower.

Dhara Dhevi Chiang Mai

Their gracious staff serves you a pleasant and heartfelt welcome to one of the Chiang Mai hotels jewels because indeed it is so. This resort looks like an ancient palace that houses colonial mansions to offer you the best accommodation in this part of the city. Even if this resort is located in a secluded and picturesque place it is just 15 minutes away from the airport and 10 minutes away from the center of activities. Here are some of the features of this Chiang Mai hotel:

  • Suites or villa. It is your choice whether you would love to stay in a villa or suite. Each of these occupy from 80 sqm. to 250 sqm. Of luxurious hideaways. Some of these private villas has its private plunge pools while some colonial suites have separate sitting area
  • Outstanding cuisine that elevates your dining experience from local to International cuisines you are sure to break your diet thanks to the sumptuous dishes serve at the restaurants, bars and cake shop in this resort
  • 24 hour room service
  • Offers baby-sitting service
  • Sightseeing tours or your choice of Limousine service
  • Traditional Thai activities offered through the Art and Craft Village
  • 20 boutiques to shop around
  • More than 5,000 books to read at the Jum Sri Hall library

Shangri-la Chiang Mai


Chiang Mai Hotels has its very own Shangri-la and it is this one. Shangri-la is synonymous with Garden of Eden like environs. The same thing can be said about this hotel.  One of the hotels Chiang Mai’s best will not fail to impress you. No wonder this hotel has been dubbed as your personal haven. The design Shangri-La Chiang Maion this hotel offers you a tranquil surrounding that takes you away from the stress of city and into the comfort of home. The difference though is that this hotel offers you the splendor of a traditional setting. Here are some of the reasons why you must stay at this enchanting sanctuary:

  • Conveniently located in the center of the city
  • Pool bar that offers quiet drinks
  • Watch the sun sets down into the mountains
  • China Kitchen offering authentic Szechuan dining experience
  • Dinner is serve at Kad Kafe where international dishes are spread to please your palate and discriminating taste
  • Near curio, antique shops and ancient temples
  • Offers excursion into the mountains riding atop an elephant
  • Each room has its local celadon tea sets, silk pillows and day bed ideal for those few minutes of relaxation after a day spend shopping or visiting the tourist spots around the city
  • 24 hour business center
  • Conference facilities
  • Clinic with House Doctor on call
  • Complimentary Shoeshine Service
  • Tailor/ Postal and Courier Service
  • Offers baby-sitting services
  • Available specialty shoes within the hotel like the florist, foreign exchange counter, gift shop
  • Wireless Internet even in Public areas in the hotel

Puripunn Baby Grand Boutique Hotel

A beautiful boutique hotel in a quiet setting is how guests describes this Chiang Mai hotel. If you are in a honeymoon this is the perfect setting for you and your love one.  Some say that the staff personifies true Thai hospitality to live up to its name as Land of Smiles. This hotel is known for paying close attention to detail. They do offer superb level of service. Elegant and charming this hotel is tastefully decorated. It stands adjacent to Wat Ketkaram Temple. Guests who have visited this place has dubbed this hotel as an excellent slice of paradise. It would be a great idea to have photos taken in this temple.

  • Personalized service from the owner when he is around to meet and greet guests
  • Welcome drinks with warm towels for guests to freshen up
  • Easy access to transport into the Chiang Mai Railway Station and the Airport
  • Beautiful pool
  • Complimentary Breakfast with a la carte buffet
  • Guests recommends the Suite if your budget allows it. Clean rooms overlook the courtyard or pool
  • Large first floor rooms facing the pool serving as your personal oasis
  • Large bathrooms
  • Friendly and attentive staff
  • Rooms has fresh flowers and fruits in the morning
  • Wide selection of food in the restaurant.
  • Offers complementary Tuk Tuk service to town
  • Areas recommended for sightseeing
  • Restaurant has a good view of the river

137 Pillars House Chiang Mai

Not all Chiang Mai hotels can boast of being able to merge old world charm with such elegance as this Chiang Mai hotel. As a guests you shall be treated as a personal guests to every modern luxury that you can imagine. Think of being pampered right away upon arriving at this hotel and that is what you will get when you stay at this hotel. If you want a home style residential kind of luxurious hotel this is the one that you are searching for. No wonder among the boutique Chiang Mai hotels this has been given yearly awards by tourists and award giving bodies. These awards are posted in their official hotel website.

  • Architectural historians and conservationists put together the design for this hotel
  • All rooms offer the same luxurious accommodations even if they carry different themes
  • Early Bird Savings. You get to save 15 percent off if you book in advance
  • Spa and Afternoon Tea Experience
  • Elevated Dining Experience serve at their dining room. Your choice to dine at the secluded tropical nooks of this hotel while it overlooks the bucolic grounds
  • Offers their signature 137 Pillars House Picnic that contains different delectable dishes serve with champagne
  • Offers one way airport transfer and 10 percent discount on spa treatments if you book directly with them

Ping Nakara Boutique Hotel & Spa

Take your inspired trip to one of the best hotels Chiang Mai. This hotel has received Trip Advisor Hall of Fame from 2011 until 2015 for service excellence. This hotel has a cool and restful environment with its all natural materials that makes this a welcoming treat for you and other worn out travelers.

  • Multi award hotel given its fair share of distinction not just from Travel Advisor alone
  • A great place to spend honeymoon
  • Offers relaxing Nakara Spa treatment
  • Gingerbread building structure built in 2008 even if it looks as if it stands for at least 100 years
  • Individually styled room with handcrafted furniture
  • Oversized rooms offered at surprisingly affordable prices
  • Grand Deluxe rooms has Jacuzzis
  • Outdoor swilling pool
  • Food and Beverage Service throughout the hotel
  • Lobby Bar for coffee and tea service
  • Extensive mini bar

Ratilanna Riverside Spa Resort

As a Chiang Mai hotel Ratilanna Riverside Spa Resort is willing to please you and your needs. You have the choice to stay at their Deluxe room with its private balcony, bathtub and junior home theatre set. You can choose to stay at their Deluxe Suite room with a bigger area and its private balcony as well. This suite offers you a separate rain shower and separate dressing area. However, the grandest of all has got to be their Riverside Garden Suite that comes with a well-stocked mini bar and the largest room among the three at 240 sqm. This suite makes you feel as if you own the place with its dining area to serve your guests.

In terms of dining service you can choose for room service or choose to dine in at Mira Terrace restaurant, Rio Restaurant & Wine Bar or Malin Pavilion. By the way Rio Restaurant offers Eat All You Can Churrasca Brazilian BBQ. Malin offers you a taste of the outdoors since it overlooks the Ping River. Each of these dining service offers a good choice of cocktails and wine. No visit to Chiang Mai shall be complete without a time spent at the spa. Here are the other facilities for this resort:

  • Business Center
  • Swimming Pool & Bar
  • Fitness Center
  • Library
  • Cooking Class
  • RatiLanna Gallery Shop
  • Traditional Making Merits with the Monks at 7:30am

Sireeampan Boutique Resort & Spa

One of the most luxurious Siam Chiang Mai hotels which is why their tagline is your own bespoke luxury because it is simply just that. This hotel has manage to combine a resort spa hotel where rich Siamese heritage is apparent as it merges with modern luxury. Hotels in Chiang Mai seldom offers a private sanctuary like this one thanks to their friendly staff who are committed to serve your so that when you leave them you will take lasting memories of this place with you.

  • Hotels Chiang Mai has given this hotel its share of distinctions like: Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence and World Luxury Hotel Awards this year of 2015
  • Rooms named after gemstones symbolizing Thailand’s rich jewelry heritage
  • Each room is fitted with state of the art amenities
  • Large rooms from 40sqm to 65 sqm.
  • Guests are pampered with personalized service
  • 24 hour front desk and concierge
  • Business lounge
  • 24 hours Fitness center and spa
  • 24 hours Swimming Pool
  • Piano lounge with restaurant

Rachamankha Chiang Mai

Other hotels Chiang Mai can never surpass what this hotel has to offer. This has been accorded as one of the leading luxury boutique hotel because of its unique charm. If you simply pass by you will not really get to know the real Rachamankha. However, taking a second glance you will get curious as to what this hotel has that makes it one of the favorites among tourist and locals. Each room has its share of mixed design theme from different periods around the world surprisingly though, the result is a charming combination of old world charm and new world luxury. Some guests are surprise when they find out that there exists a luxurious hotel like this tucked away from the main streets however, word of mouth travels fast and guests are curious enough to make a reservation in this hotel. Some guests say that staying in this hotel is incomparable and their most unforgettable experience as compared to the other trips that they have taken outside of their country. Here are other reasons why this hotel has joined the ranks of the most beloved by tourists when in Chiang Mai:

  • True hospitality from the way the staff serves guests
  • Rooms are designed with simplicity in mind
  • Each rooms are fitted with antique Chinese cabinets and details that its founder has carefully chosen
  • Room designs are constantly improve that as a guest when you return you will be surprise at the changes made
  • Cobbled walkways and tranquil courtyards
  • Superb cuisine by allowing Lanna cuisine and each elements of the food create an explosion on the palate
  • Located near Four Temples in Chiang Mai

Thailand is a fantastic country and there are a lot of great places to see. This place has been dubbed as the gateway to the unspoiled north. It is time to explore what others consider as the second city. Chiang Mai might not be as spectacular as Bangkok however, this unofficial second city of Thailand has what it takes to compensate for what you will miss in Bangkok and maybe even more. With such spectacular mountains, sceneries, vibrant and friendly hill tribes in the midst of a relaxed vibe this has got to be a good trade-off.  Here are some of the good reasons why you should choose to visit Chiang Mai:

  • Abundance of Western amenities
  • Mix of interesting culture
  • Cooler weather
  • Mingle with the animals in the nature parks
  • Amazing street food and local food markets
  • Rustic ambience
  • Tons of Expats to mingle with in case you miss home
  • Best Songkran and Loy Kratong Festivals
  • International check in Chiang Mai Airport to the world via Bangkok

The simplest definition of what this this place has to offer is a blend of culture, natural wonders, great food and good company. Even Expats find it a nice place to retire. Vegetarians will have a field day on this place. If you are one you will be glad to know that you will get the veggies aplenty without feeling guilty about it. Think of going around the city, ride a bike and see the splendid temples. Do you want to go for the night to drink or just spend time dining out with friends, Chiang Mai has its fair share of places to drink to your heart’s content. Why not go for a visit seeing the city high above the skies riding in a balloon ride high above Thailand? Of course, the weather is generally warm but, there are preferred seasons when it is nice to traipse around Chiang Mai. These are just some of the amazing escapes that awaits you when you visit Chiang Mai.