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Hill Tribe Eco Trekking

If you are someone searching for a memorable and exciting adventure that you will remember for a lifetime, you should take a look at the Hill Tribe Eco Trekking adventure that will be part of the Chiang Mai trip. Here, you will experience a once in a lifetime opportunity once you take part in this trekking trip since Chiang Mai is best known for its terrain and landscapes that fit perfectly for activities such as this, plus you will also be given the chance to revel in the majestic beauty and richness of the lush verdant forests of the region.

The trekking adventure that is being offered lasts for two days to give you the chance and opportunity to go deeper into the jungle, as well as to better explore the hills while spending the night in one of the hill tribe villages that you will be visiting and experience how life is within their community. Anyone who loves being surrounded by the lush beauty of nature will surely fancy trekking through the enchanting jungles of Chiang Mai and doing so will give you a big chance of being able to take part in an elephant ride, relax right by the waterfalls, and enjoy the night with the hill tribe’s people which will definitely be something memorable during your trip to Thailand. Furthermore, you will also be given the chance to enjoy white water rafting down the river then take a relaxing ride while bamboo rafting – nothing but the best experiences will leave you smiling after you visit the charming region of Chiang Mai.
The Hill Tribe Eco Trekking tour includes training for the activities, four meals, and accommodations that will be provided by the hill tribe village.

Day 1

Trip to the Local Market

Before heading to the market, 9:30 in the morning will be your pick-up time from your accommodations then the drive to the local market will take about an hour or so. The purpose of this is to purchase some supplies necessary for the trekking trip, as well as to stock up on food for the whole day.

Visiting the Shan Tribe

After gathering all the necessary things required for the trekking adventure, you will continue the drive to the Shan Village which can be found close to the elephant camp where lunch will be served. The Shan Tribe is considered as Tai ethnic groups from the southeastern portion of Asia, and they have lived mostly in Myanmar’s Shan State. Additionally, they have also lived in certain parts of the Mandalay Region, Kayin, State, Kachin State, as well as in the neighboring region of China, Thailand, and Laos.

Many centuries ago, the Shan people have migrated from China to Myanmar and have settled in the valleys within the area; also, the people have created their own kingdoms and have even expanded their territories which often caused conflict with the other present ethnic groups like the Burman people (Burmese). From the 15th century onwards, the plateau of Shan became the people’s homeland and was ruled by the hereditary royalties called Sao-Phas that ruled different principalities at that time.

Elephant Riding

The elephant riding experience will be the next adventure to enjoy and it will last for almost an hour before moving on to the next adventure. The elephant ride will lead you to a path through the beautiful green and rich forests where you can view the attractive surroundings, as well as the abundance of the region’s flora and fauna; furthermore, you will also be given the chance to view the hill tribe village’s fields which will add more to your memorable experience during the Eco Trekking trip.

For a lot of people, riding on the back of these majestic creatures is among the ultimate activities that one should take part in to complete their experience and once in a lifetime adventure when they visit the beautiful northernmost region of Thailand.

Arrival at the Lahu Village

Go through the beguiling jungles of Chiang Mai to reach the Lahu Village where you can gather various information about the Lahu Tribe and its people once you meet the host Lahu family whose home will be your accommodations during the night.

This ethnic group comes from Mainland Southeast Asia and China, and is among the fifty-six ethnic groups who have officially been recognized by the People’s Republic of China; in Thailand, these people are considered part of the six main groups that have been categorized as hill tribes. Since Lahu means ‘hunter’, the people from this tribe take pride on their trapping and hunting skills and also, they are quite popular for their great knowledge of medicinal herbs and the like. The Lahu are self-sufficient people and physically, they are larger compared to the other tribes present; however, instead of exhibiting their larger physique through aggressiveness or hostility, the Lahu people enjoy entertaining, and an easy laid back life.

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