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Highlander Route

Considered as the countrys mountain biking haven, the region of Chiang Mai has some of the most excellent mountain biking trails that you will find in the whole of Thailand. This is the reason why Chiang Mai is the most ideal base for such activities since their biking trails levels range from easy to extremely challenging which can cater to everyone whether you are a beginner or a professional mountain biker.

When you visit the tranquil yet fun region of Chiang Mai, you will instantly notice the presence of a huge mountain that towers everything that encircles this majestic area. The Doi Suthep,  is a body of land that has reached high that some people think that nature has created this for downhill mountain biking. Aside from having the most excellent biking trails and pathways that are kept hidden in the stunning lush forests of the mountain, mountain biking through the area will also give you the chance to explore and experience the stunning natural beauty of the region of Chiang Mai. The trail is a perfect fusion of easy, challenging, complicated and dirty dual or single trails that make it perfect for beginners and expert mountain bikers alike.

The stunning and alluring surroundings that make the Doi Suthep National Park is also a perfect place for advanced riders to play and show off some biking tricks; the area is spacious enough for these things so it is guaranteed that everyone will have a great time during the adventure. Since the professional company that established these trips ensure that all individuals who participate in the tour will have a very memorable and exciting tour, they will also see to it that every participant will receive the necessary equipment for rides to make sure that everything will be safe for all.

The Highlanders Route

When taking this specific route, you will be able to witness the stunning beauty and picturesque views of the Doi Suthep Park at its best; at the starting point by the summit, the off-road track will gradually change into a single track that leads you deep into the highlands flourishing jungle gorge. The Highlander Route, although sounds really fun and exciting, is best and most suitable for experienced and professional cyclists; since its steep and lengthy trails wind through the magnificent jungles of Chiang Mai, it may be a difficult and dangerous ride for someone who has no experience or is a beginner when it comes to this specific activity. Yet despite this, there are routes that are easy and suitable for beginner cyclists, so you will not have to worry about not having fun in this tour because everyone has something in store for them so the Highlander Route will never be a dull tour for anyone.

The highlight of the Highlander Route trip includes the Doi Suthep National Park and meeting with the people of the various hill tribes present. In the National Park, every rider can practice mountain biking by moving over roots and rocks, driving in and out of numerous ruts, and simply going deep into the jungle where these challenging trails can be found. The Highlander Routes trails and pathways are about 75% downhill on a rarely used dirt road with the tours biking distance at 35 kilometers. The Highlander Route starts at 9:30 in the morning and ends at around 4:30 in the afternoon.

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