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Cycling Eagles Route

Spend the day exploring the secluded mountain trails hidden within the lush, green forests of Chiang Mai; you will be cycling through sixteen different tracks and routes that vary in difficulty which caters to every individual whether they are beginners or expert cyclists. Chiang Mai is generally the most excellent location for mountain biking tours since the mountain ranges of the region are all perfect trails that can be used for off-road activities. Furthermore, the area is encircled by rich verdant jungles that make for the perfect ambiance for cycling through the trails; a perfect escape from the busy city where you will experience both beauty and excitement by taking part in the Cycling Eagles Route tour.

Expect to see some national parks and easy to challenging crisscrossed roads when in the area, and the charming and alluring surroundings of Chiang Mai will definitely prove to you why this place has been specifically chosen to cater all levels of this particular activity. The Cycling Eagles Route consists of numerous routes and trails that vary in difficulty levels depending on your requirements for the trip; you can choose from family outings, professional riders, and a whole lot more. If you decide to bring your kids with you, you do not have to worry about them not having fun since the company also offers a small kids bike and seats that can be assembled for them which means that they do not have to miss out on the fun and excitement while you too have a fun and thrilling time.

These mountain biking tours were made specifically by a professional company who specializes in such trips which means that they ensure that safety comes first and the enjoyment will be experienced by all the participants of this adventure; all of the people joining the cycling route will be provided will full and complete equipment depending on the runways they choose to challenge themselves with. Also, they will provide the full suspension mountain bikes and safety gear so you will not have to worry about getting injured or getting into an accident since the company will provide all these necessary equipment for the whole ride.

Additionally, these experts who will guide you will also brief you on the safety measures and various necessities that you will need to know for the whole trip and with their unparalleled knowledge of all these trails located in the National Parks forests, you know that you will be in good hands since they know everything that they need to make the tour fully fun, safe, and exciting for you.

Eagles Route

The Eagles Route is a very thrilling ride since it goes 100% downhill on a rarely used single-track dirt road; the drive down is nothing easy but it is the perfect introduction to any off-road downhill mountain biking activity, since its biking distance is about 25 kilometers that lead straight down from the mountain where at times, you will experience a really steep area while biking down the trail. You can select the bike tour for beginners and families, depending on who your company will be during the trip, everything will cater to your wants and needs since the company ensures full-satisfaction for anyone who joins.

Tour Schedule

The tour begins at 9:30 in the morning and ends at around 3:30 in the afternoon.

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