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Mae Ping River Cruise

The Chiang Mai River Cruise or Mae Ping River Cruise will let you enjoy and appreciate the alluring surroundings of Chiang Mai by taking part in their daytime trips in covered long-tail boats that last around two hours for 450 Thai Baht. During the trip, the ride will stop by a small farm for various fruit and snacks that you can purchase while taking a break during this Mae Ping River Cruise Chiang Mai. For the Thai Dinner Cruise that starts daily at around seven in the evening, you can have a delectable and appetizing meal while marveling at the surroundings of Chiang Mai for just 550 Thai Baht.

If you want to enjoy other tranquil and relaxing Chiang Mai River Cruise programs, there are various trips that are readily available for you to choose from depending on your preferences when it comes to appreciating Chiang Mai by taking part in any of the Mae Ping River Cruise programs.

  • Boat Cruise

You can leave the busy city with its chaos and noise by taking a break and relaxing comfortably as you go through the serene and tranquil waters via the Mae Ping River Cruise. Here, you can enjoy a boat ride that lasts for approximately two hours while letting you experience the ever-changing scene along the river: skillfully built teak homes, children smiling and running around while they play along the riverbanks, and other sceneries that will surely delight you during the trip.

Once you stop over at the home of the local farmer, you will see how they cultivate Jasmine Rice and other herbs that the locals use for both cooking and medicine which is highly essential for the people in the area. Furthermore, you can also delight in snacks of seasonal fresh fruit while also savoring the fresh-tasting lemon grass and other tasty herb-made juices.

  • Boat Cruise together with Served Lunch

You can delight in a Chiang Mai River Cruise down the Mae Ping River that lasts for two hours, while enjoying a delectable platter of local Thai noodles or their Kao Soi for lunch. The Kao Soi is a spicy, smooth, curry noodle soup that is prepared with the finest ingredients that will surely whet your appetite. During the Mae Ping River Cruise Chiang Mai, you can enjoy the Kao Soi right at the Farmer’s Landing which will be served fresh for you.

  • Boat Cruise with Lunch

For this Chiang Mai River Cruise trip that lasts for about two and a half hours, you can indulge in a special lunch that will be served daily while you ride along the Mae Ping River; you and other guests will be served with the most exquisite Thai dish sets that will surely make your mouth water. Since the Mae Ping River Cruise tour will last for some hours, you can take your family and loved ones on this little adventure, plus it is open every day at the Wat Chai Mong Landing.

  • Scorpion Tailed River Cruise Chiang Mai

The Scorpion Tailed River Cruise Chiang Mai focuses on the Mae Ping River history, and the guides joining this informative Chiang Mai River Cruise explains the use of these traditional-styled crafts called Scorpion-tailed boats. These tours usually last for about one to one and a half hours, and the boat departs from the pier of the Wat Sri Khong, then at some point, stops for snacks at their associated Scorpion Tailed Boat Village.

  • Dinner Cruise

The Mae Ping River Cruise’s Dinner Cruise starts at 7.30 every evening where they will soon serve you with highly delicious dinner that will be served on board the 30-seater boat. The cruise moves slowly down the Mae Ping River, where you can spend some relaxing moments with your loved one, or have a nice and tranquil dinner together with your family during the trip.

  • River Cruise – The Forgotten Royal City of Wiang Kum Kam

For this special River Cruise, you will be picked up right at your hotel or guesthouse then brought to the Kitamon Restaurant Boat Landing which is close to downtown Chiang Mai. Though relatively short, this twenty-minute course down the Mae Ping River aboard a brand-new and very expansive cruise boat.

To reach the Wiang Kum Kam, you will be given the chance to experience traveling via the old-fashioned way; riding in a carriage pulled by a horse that will take you to the Wiang Kum Kam Museum and Informative Center. The tour departs from the port, four times a day at nine in the morning, eleven-thirty in the morning, two in the afternoon and lastly, at four in the afternoon.

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