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Khantoke Dinner Chiang Mai

If you want to add something more fun and wonderful to your regular dining in the town of Chiang Mai, the Khantoke Dinner Chiang Mai is where you can get the chance to indulge in deliciously delectable meals while simultaneously being entertained in the area. Although there are just a few notable venues that are available for this Chiang Mai Khantoke Dinner, each of these places will definitely give you a memorable experience whether you are a resident and local of Thailand, or a tourist who had just come to visit the beautiful city of Chiang Mai.

While you and your friends, along with other tourists, enjoy your own Khantoke Dinner, immerse in the delightful ways to be entertained by a variety of cultural performances from the north which includes the Thai Finger Dance (Fon Lep), Thai Sword Dance (Ram Dab), their group dance (Ram Wong), and the Thai Candle Dance (Fon Thiean). Ending the Khum Khantoke evening will still be something special since members of the Karen, Lisu, Meo, Yao, and Lahu hill tribes will exhibit a hill tribe show for all.

One of the greatest and most notable things to expand from the endeavors that showcase and preserve the Northern Thai or Lanna pride is their Khantoke Dinner from the last fifty years; and although you will be able to experience even more elements of the Lanna ancestry once you set foot in the area, their Khantoke Dinner Chiang Mai is the only event where you and every other guest can enjoy almost of all of the Lanna heritage at once. The combination of dining and entertainment comes from the traditional name of Khantoke or Khan Toke to some; this is basically a serving tray where a variety of little dishes with different food will be served out to people at dinner time for sampling.

At this day and age, tourists and even locals who dine at the Khantoke Dinner Chiang Mai are able to view their featured show that enchants most of the viewers while simultaneously allowing them to savor appetizingly delicious dishes with their own choice of dining by either sitting traditionally on the floor or on western-styled chairs and tables while they eat. During the whole period of the Khantoke Dinner, entertainment that will be featured for your pleasure includes a variety of classical routine dances that will feature things that are specific to the locals, as well as the hill tribe people from the northern portion of the country.

An example of this would be one of the dances that features a few movements or steps that mirror the methods of collecting tea leaves up in the mountains, which is a common local occupation in Thailand. If you are able to attend one of the bigger shows similar to the one at Kum Khantoke, expect it to be more intricately involved and elaborate when it comes to the costumes, lighting, and setting of the show. However, for smaller venues like in the Cultural Center of Old Chiang Mai, the theme will have a more country and homey feeling to every aspect of the show.

Khum Khantoke History

Favoring the style of the Khantoke Dinner began as a social gathering during the year of 1953; during that time, an individual named Ajarn Kraisee Nimmanahaeminda threw an extremely grandiose party to honor Ajarn Sanya Dhamsakdi, the 4th Region’s Chief of Justice who later on became Thailand’s Prime Minister; and the Consulate of the United States, John Widney, who were going to be transferred to the USA and Bangkok. The dinner party during that time had a setting and ambiance of fine luxury and exhibited the richness of the northern culture, accompanied by elegant singing and costumes that completed the whole grandiose event.

In the coming years, the same person continued to hold Khan Toke Dinners and began incorporating entertainment such as folk dance programs to the dinner party, making the Khantoke Dinner Chiang Mai that combines the culture of the north, present in Chiang Mai for almost forty-seven years.

Tourists who have already been able to experience Thai Dinner Shows in Bangkok tend to miss out on the Khantoke Dinner instead, assuming that these two are similar in every aspect which is not the case since Khan Toke’s are Dinner Dance Shows that are more fun, enjoyable, and entertaining compared to other dinner shows that have an extremely formal atmosphere. Not only that, but the difference with the Khantoke Dinner is more intimate and homey because of the differences in their style of cooking, plus their relaxing, slow-tempo dances that are followed by astute views of the lifestyle of locals from the present hill tribes.

The Khantoke Dinner Chiang Mai

There are essential items required for eating in this type of dinner and these include spatulas, trays, big food containers and spoons. Raw materials such as coconut shells, rattans, wood, and bamboo are commonly used for creating trays and containers for the dishes; coconut shells are being used to create the big spoons and spatulas, while the bamboo is used for making the boxes, trays, dishes and more.

The tables used for the Khantoke Dining have three different names which are the Khantoke Luang (the giant sized tables measuring at twenty-five to fifty inches wide), the Khantoke Haam (medium-sized table at seventeen to twenty-four inches wide), and the Khantoke Noy (small table with a diameter of ten to fifteen inches).
As for the meals, there are five dishes that will be served to you with baskets where rice has been steamed and made. The dishes that will be served include the following:

  • Gai Tawd, or Fried Chicken
  • Gaeng Hung-Lay, or their Burmese Pork Curry
  • Paad Pugg, or Fried Vegetables which is usually cabbage
  • Maan Prik Ong, Pork with Tomato and Chili Paste which is slightly hot while being served with slices of fresh cucumber
  • Kaeb Moo, or Pork Rind which is made especially for dipping with paste

You can use your fingers to break some of the pieces of the sticky rice, then dip these into various dipping bowls instead of using cutleries or utensils; for the dessert, you will be served popped rice crackers, tea, or coffee plus some miang chews that are similar to beetle nut without having any of the red lips effect.

The Khantoke Dinner Chiang Mai Price

The dinner costs around 600 Thai Baht per person, and the prices include:

  • Round-trip transportation
  • Buffet meals plus shows
  • Pick up then drop off from the Chiang Mai Old City hotel, and the Night Bazaar Area
  • A guide who can readily speak English

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