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Chiang Mai Zoo

In the year 1974, The Zoological Park Organization in Thailand decided to establish the Chiang Mai Zoo which was built on the 531 Rai of the lush green forests that can be located at the Doi Suthep foothill. The Zoo Chiang Mai is encircled by a terrain full of hills and is the home to a large number of different types of wild plants and flower species that make the surroundings even more enchanting, together with the picturesque landscapes, valleys, waterfalls and streams that can be located close to the Chiangmai Zoo.

The Chiang Mai Zoo is the very first and only zoo present in Thailand northern area where you can experience and enjoy the fun, excitement, and even intimacy of being with various animals living in their natural dwelling place. This Zoo Chiang Mai is being operated privately thus allowing them to take in large numbers of various animals into their property; additionally, there are even two large aquariums present in the area which is why some tourists call the place as the Chiang Mai Zoo Aquarium as well.

On the 28th of October in the year 2008, the world longest tunnel aquarium in the world that measures about 436 feet was opened to the public for viewing; also, the Zoo Chiang Mai has a marine aquarium which is also considered as among the largest marine aquariums that can be found in the whole of Asia.

There is a total of four hundred animal species that are present in the Chiang Mai Zoo and these include Humboldt Penguins, Koalas, Cape Fur Seals, Hippos, Giraffes, Zebras, Flamingos, Camels, Lions, Barbary Sheep, the Malayan Tapir, various types of reptiles, and the only Rhino in the whole of Thailand; additionally, the zoo is also the sanctuary of three giant pandas and two majestic elephants.

The star resident animals of this Chiangmai Zoo are the pandas that are on a ten year loan from China which means that to be able to see these adorable furry animals, you will need to pay an additional fee to be given this chance. The reason for this is because the pandas need to stay in an air-conditioned area which even started the rumor that the enclosure these pandas stay in can produce occasional artificial snow for their comfort. As we speak of snow, there is another famous attraction present and is one of the favorites among the Thais who never experience snow because of the country tropical climate. The Snow Dome is the attraction that locals enjoy visiting yet keep in mind that this area has its separate entrance fee from the fee required for the Zoo Chiang Mai itself; the Snow Dome, which moderately interests westerners, is known to be an over-sized deep freeze that has an igloo and toboggan slope which is among its attractions.

Aside from these, there are other non-animal viewing sites or attractions that are present in the Zoo Chiang Mai and these activities include elephant riding, bird shows, go-carting, viewing or playing with the inflated plastic balls along the lake, and their Adventure Railway ride. The ride is similar to the ones that children would ride in when they go to amusement parks since it is just a short ride around a goat and deer enclosure with additional plastic dinosaurs that move whenever the ride passes them. Another would be the giant King Kong that roars and flashes its red eyes when you pass by it, something maybe kids would like but it is not something for older guests who wish for a more entertaining and exciting activity.


The Chiang Mai Zoo can be found right at the bottom of the Doi Suthep which is located behind the University of Chiang Mai and takes up most of the secondary forests area, stream valleys, and foothills that backs the national park. It is at the top end of the road of Huay Kaew and immediately after the arboretum and road that begins to climb the mountain of Suthep.

If you will go to the zoo via public transportation, you can ride the red Songthaew for 20 Baht, or you can take a tuk-tuk instead for about 120 Baht right from downtown Chiang Mai.

Chiang Mai Zoo Aquarium

The Chiang Mai Zoo Aquarium can possibly be the zoo landmark and tourist destination because of its status as an international attraction that the country can be greatly proud of. Generally, the zoo aquarium is a live museum that proudly displays Asia most spacious and longest underwater pathways with crystalline SeaTube tunnels that allow you to be in the center of a huge area where you can view aquatic habitats in a much better spot. Each of the present exhibits display a unique and distinct environment and are all entirely self-contained with authentic native species.

This exclusive setup of the Chiang Mai zoo aquarium provides salt and fresh water creatures to exist together in one body of water, together with other creatures or representing territories that come from other vital ecosystems. The inspiration for this unique arrangement and concept all began with the Mekong River which is already the aquariums exhibit. Not only that but the river also depicts the major waterway imagery that quenches, feeds, and supplies millions of individuals across six neighboring countries that the water provides. Aside from the charm of this Chiangmai Zoo Aquarium, it also acts as an essential center for learning when it comes to studying biology and marine life all-throughout the Asian region and the world as well.

Chiang Mai Zoo Entrance Fee

The Chiang Mai Zoo price varies depending on those who visit the area, so here is a list of the prices of the zoo if you plan to visit this sometime:


  • Adults – 100 Baht
  • Children (less than a height of 135 centimeters) – 50 Baht


  • Adults – 50 Baht
  • Teachers, policemen, and soldiers in uniform – 30 Baht
  • Children (less than a height of 135 centimeters) – 10 Baht
  • Senior Citizens, monks, and people with disabilities – Free

Panda Fee

  • Adults – 100 Baht
  • Children – 50 Baht

Snow Dome

  • 150 Baht

Aquarium Fee

  • Adults – 450 Baht
  • Children – 350 Baht

For the Chiang Mai Zoo opening hours, they are available daily from 8:00 in the morning until 5:00 in the afternoon.

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