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Chiang Mai Shooting Range

There are a lot of people who wish to try and fire or to simply handle a gun once in their life; however, the legal and safety conditions of using these stops about ninety percent of individuals from satisfying and indulging their curiosity. Some years ago, the model of Chiang Mai Shooting Range was among the very few spots in Asia that has been licensed for promising marksmen and shooters to use live and real ammo.

Even though there are numerous shooting ranges located all over Bangkok, Phnom Penh (which is the capital city of Cambodia), Phuket, and Pattaya Beach, the shooting range Chiang Mai on the way to Mae Rim still remains as one of the most popular shooting ranges present, and is also the best Chiang Mai attractions available. Due to the area being a favorite by a lot of locals and tourists, a brand-new shooting range was created to manage the demand and is about fifteen minutes away from the main site.

The Chiang Mai Shooting Club Range

The Chiang Mai Shooting Club Range is basically an army-run accommodation that is located amidst the Highway 107 and Irrigation Canal Road to Mae Rim. The shooting club at the Chiang Mai Shooting Range is open to the public, daily from eight-thirty in the morning until six in the evening, and it boasts the largest and most expansive shooting range that you can ever find in the whole northern portion of Thailand. You can choose from different types of firearms and these include the Beretta 9mms, Magnum 357s, Colt 45s and Glocks; so those who have a strong desire for shooting with more firing power can test the shooting range Chiang Mai’s Ruger 10/22 carbine or the Remington pump-action shotgun.

There are instructors and professional staff present in the Chiang Mai Shooting Range and they are available at all times to make sure that the rules and regulations are firmly followed. Moreover, they ensure that novices are able to receive adequate instructions and knowledge before being able to shoot and enjoy in the shooting range Chiang Mai; the staff from the property also make shooters use eye and ear protection before allowing them to shoot at bull’s eye targets or human form outline wherein the specific target depends on what type of firearm is chosen. The Shooting Club Range is open for everyone including kids where they have a safe area to learn this exhilarating yet fun sport.

Maerim Shooting Range

Another Chiang Mai shooting range is the Maerim Shooting Range which can be located at the opposite portion of Mae Rim, coming from Chiang Mai; Maerim Shooting Range can be reached via Highway 107, then turn left to Route 1096 towards Samoeng. This shooting range Chiang Mai facility is next to the Chiang Mai Extreme Sports Center and is open every day from nine in the morning to six in the evening. If you book the Chiang Mai shooting range’s online packages, they will aid you with free transportation.

The Maerim Shooting Range Chiang Mai can be found right in the Mae Sa Valley which is a beautifully verdant location that is home to Chiang Mai attractions such as the Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden, Mae Sa elephant camp, the Mae Se Snake Farm, among others.

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