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Chiang Mai Night Safari

Known as a portion of the National Park of the Doi Suthep, the Chiang Mai Night Safari spreads vastly over three hundred twenty-eight acres of Tambon Suthep and Tambon Mae Hia and can be located in the beautiful area of Chiang Mai, Thailand. The night safari first opened in the year 2006, and has since been operated by the Pinkanakorn Development Agency that functions under the office of the Prime Minister; the Night Safari Chiang Mai was also opened in the same year as the Royal Flora Expo to promote the tourism in Chiang Mai which has definitely caught the attention of a large number of tourists. Moreover, the night safari is the second one in the whole world that follows the Night Safari located in Singapore.

The expansive and wide-reaching Chiang Mai Night Safari is open daily in the mornings, yet the fun and action happens after dark where the safari is also open in the evenings. At this time, you will be able to see more insects and animals while riding at the back of an open-sided ride; plus with a variety of musical fountains and animal shows, you can somehow compare the environment and its ambiance to the beauty, fun, and entertainment.

Although the safari had been warned by the animal welfare society for poor animal care and management, the Night Safari Chiang Mai still remains as one of the famous tourist spots for families and has also been given a lot of positive comments on the night safari review. There will be tons of activities scheduled for you to enjoy and take part in, especially if you are someone ready to have direct interaction with the animals present in the safari; animals that you can interact with include elephants during bathing, hippos when you feed them, and rhinos whose horns can be touched.


The Chiang Mai Night Safari is a portion of an African savannah-crossed zoo which was eventually rebuilt to become one of Chiang Mai’s freshest and most ambitious projects to note. There are more than two hundred species present in the safari, and all of these have come from different continents that are better seen in the evening; however, if you prefer arriving during the day, it is still possible to visit the night safari during these times since they are open day and night.

Its three hundred-twenty acre area is adjoined from the base of the Doi Suthep National Park where a few notable features can be seen due to its size; the safari includes two game drives where a combination of Asian and African animals roam freely in the area, plus a lake that is enclosed by a zoo-like pen. A few of the more laid-back animals in the area usually go right on the tram where you can interact with them except for the predators that are all kept behind sturdy and secure barriers. Additionally, the Chiang Mai Night Safari offers its guests a pavilion where they can relax and still enjoy while taking a break from the fun-filled adventure; there is also a restaurant, a Fun Plaza, a colorful musical fountain, and the beautiful Lanna Village.

Night Safari Review

Various reviews of the night safari only show that a lot of those who have visited the attraction greatly enjoyed their adventure while at the safari. Here are a couple of positive comments and testimonials from the tourists who have gone here:

“A really great place; it’s amazing to see all these animals present and active in the night, plus I also had the opportunity to feed some of them. The shows are cool too so you better come around and visit this place.”

“I really enjoyed my visit at the night safari even if I arrived in the area in the morning. There is a free admission to the place during the day so I had fun walking around the area while looking at the many attractions available. Despite the Chiangmai Night Safari having a lot going on, the place was surprisingly quiet and relaxing; a decent atmosphere for that matter which was good in my opinion.”

“If you go to Thailand, you really should go to the Chiang Mai Night Safari because it has tons of shows like my favorite, The Tiger Show. Also, there was a musical fountain show too and a lot more, actually, so just go and visit the night safari!”


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Night Safari Opening Hours

The Chiang Mai Night Safari opens at eleven in the morning and closes at around ten in the evening, while their Predator and Savanna Zone begins at around six-fifty to seven at night.

Night Safari Tickets

The Night Safari ticket and admission is eight hundred Baht for adults while it is much cheaper at four hundred Baht when it comes to children. Ten in the evening will be the closing time for ticket selling so if you want to get your Night Safari ticket, make sure that you are purchasing before the clock reaches ten in the evening.
There are three kinds of tickets available in the Night Safari where each of these allows you different levels of access that are available throughout the safari:

  • Type 1 – single entry which includes the Jaguar Trail and the Laser Light Show.
  • Type 2 – still the single entry with the Jaguar Tail and Laser Light Show, but with the addition of two tram rides namely the Predator Prowl and Savannah Safari.
  • Type 3 – the single entry, Jaguar Trail, Laser Light Show, the Savannah Safari and Predator Prowl rides, plus the addition of two night rides on the tram.

Night Safari

The Chiang Mai Night Safari is an extremely unique zoo since the action and fun starts in the evening; here, you will be given the chance to see these animals safely even if they are out in the open since guests will travel around the area while riding in a tram. During the ride, the tram operator will direct the spotlight on the animals that are present in different enclosures while the assistant guide will give you certain information and details about them.  

Savanna Safari Zone

This particular area is the display or exhibit spot that is generally for animals whose dwelling place is the African Savanna; here, there are about thirty-four species and more than three hundred twenty animals present and these include giraffes, wild beasts, white rhinos, and a lot more.

Predator Prowl Zone

This zone of the night safari is where the carnivorous animals can be found and has about twenty-seven species and over two hundred animals which include lions, tigers, crocodiles and more.

One of the highlights of the Night Safari is their water screen Laser Light Show and the nightly Musical Fountain. Two shows are being shown at either eight or nine in the evening, and both are absolutely astounding.

Night Safari Promotion

The Night Safari Promotion was started by the government to promote Chiang Mai’s tourism. Aside from this, the government also works on promoting the Chiang Mai Airport to eventually turn it into an international airport that will greatly help Chiang Mai become a tourist center in Southeast Asia and Indo-China.

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