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Jungle Flight Chiang Mai

Jungle Flight has been one of the best Chiang Mai attractions that a lot of tourists have been visiting since the year 2009, and the Jungle Flight Chiang Mai team have dedicated themselves to show every guest who visit their camp the true beauty of Thailand by their unique zipline adventures, ensuring a hundred percent safety for everyone joining in the fun. Experience the adrenalin rush while admiring the verdant richness of Thailand’s forests, and anyone who takes in the picturesque scenery while enjoying this Thailand adventure will be mesmerized and impressed by the area beautiful environment.

Also, Jungle Flight is proud to share that they work with the locals to aid in the preservation and protection of their revered forests where they take part in a yearly tree-planting ceremony to make sure that the forests in the Doi Lankah area have a good future. Jungle Flight Chiang Mai is one of the latest and best Chiang Mai attractions that every visitor should take part in, especially if they wish to have a fun and memorable adventure in Thailand and to encounter one of the country growing eco adventures. A lot of thrill and adrenaline seekers have taken part in this Chiang Mai Jungle Flight and tons of them have been satisfied with what they have experienced; the thrill and excitement of gliding and sliding from a platform onto the next one, positioned along a set of sturdy and safe steel cables that have been perfectly settled among the dazzling surroundings of nature.

Jungle Flight Chiang Mai

Guests often wish to experience a unique yet memorable Thailand adventure, so they come to visit the Jungle Flight which is located just about an hour away from the city of Chiang Mai. Here, they have thirty-four platforms and ziplines that range from thirty to three hundred meters, plus they also have four abseils while the last and tallest one exhibits a forty-meter drop.

The beginning of the adventure in Jungle Flight Chiang Mai commences with a short zip trip while letting the guests feel the ambiance of the area. This introduction or briefing already lets the guests experience how the zipline ride would be, and it would let the staff have an idea how the guests would react and who requires more assistance and attention for them to learn more about the adventure. The guides of the Jungle Flight handle all the unclipping and clipping on the pulleys and carabiners plus they even ride along with the guests who still feel uncomfortable and are not that confident when flying and gliding along the ziplines. After everyone has gone through the introductory zip ride, the rides gradually get higher, longer, and faster until everyone reaches an excitingly high three-hundred-meter adventure over the jungles canopy.

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If you notice, the ziplines all vary in height and length, plus they also vary when it comes to its movement and speed. When guests take part in the slower lines, braking will not be necessary which is easy since they would only ride and enjoy the rich scenery that surrounds them. When the guests reach the next platform, the cables angle gradually decreases the approach and you will soon glide to a smooth stop; keep in mind that some of the available ziplines just have one cable so the guests that go for these will glide through the forest just one at a time.

However, there are ziplines with double cables which lets guests zipline together with a partner or side by side with a professional guide. Furthermore, there are also a few suspension bridges that swing and are called sky bridges, plus a few stiff yet short uphill hikes that is right at the middle of the course while the other is located at one end.

The guests who visit the Jungle Flight Chiang Mai have the freedom to select from 34 platforms, or they can opt to tackle a much shorter course that only consists of the first 24 platforms. When taking the full course of the adventure, it usually takes about four hours to complete, but it could also take a shorter time depending on the size of the group and traffic on the platforms; shorter tours, on the other hand, usually take up to 3 hours, but this also depends on the traffic along the available platforms. When it comes to the Jungle Flight planning board, this is considered another course; it has a 1.5 mile-long zipline and has a speed of more than two-hundred meters high. There is also an available speed level that reaches up to forty miles per hour.

Chiang Mai Attractions

Aside from the Jungle Flight ziplines, there are dozens of other adventures present in Thailand that every guest and tourist can take part in; in Chiang Mai, there are a lot more activities you can engage in which will surely be a memorable experience for everyone, here are some of the main tourist attractions in Chiang Mai that you should definitely visit once you arrive in the area.

The Chiang Mai National Museum

The Chiang Mai National Museum is located close to the ancient Wat Jet Yod.The museum was renovated last 1996 to celebrate its 700th anniversary of Chiang Mai founding. Visitors who come to the Chiang Mai National Museum will pass through a few sections of the display which exhibits a journey of Chiang Mai story from its prehistory until the present and its future course. The museum is open from Wednesdays to Sundays and is located on the northwestern highway that is found next to the Wat Jet Yod.

Wat Chedi Luang

The Temple of the Big Stupa is a remarkable ruined temple that rests at the heart of Chiang Mai and dates from the fourteenth to the fifteenth centuries. This temple was given the great honor and privilege to house the Emerald Buddha which is considered as one of the holiest and most sacred object in the country of Thailand. The best time to visit this area within Chiang Mai is in May since they celebrate festivals to commemorate the city pillar that sits inside the temples grounds.

Lanna Folklife Museum

This museum has a beautifully convenient location which is inside an old and traditional courthouse that was remodeled and refurbished with this project kept in mind. The establishment can be found close to the three kings monument that can be found right at the heart of Chiang Mai Old City; the exhibits they present focus mainly on the people who have lived and currently live in the region which sets the environment for numerous activities such as relics and wax work. If you plan to visit the museum, remember that there is a combination ticket which includes three city center museums. The establishment is open from Tuesdays to Sundays and can be found on the Phrapokklao Road, Chiang Mai.

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