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Flying Squirrels Chiang Mai

Flying Squirrels Chiang Mai

When guests visit the pleasant and enjoyable area of Chiang Mai, they can take part and have fun riding the zip line where they can move past from tree to tree using the safest, quality-made equipment while being assisted by professional and friendly staff. You will feel the clean and cool breath of air against your skin while the adrenaline rushes as you zoom past your way above the lush and green forest of Chiang Mai.

The newest and most spectacular treetop attraction in Chiang Mai where the vast, beautiful and colossal mountains that surround the city fascinates its guests with the available adventures and eye-catching explorations where you can admire the majestic scenery that surrounds the city; right at Flying Squirrels Chiang Mai, you can enjoy a variety of activities while revering the picturesque scenery of the lush greens surrounding the beautiful mountains of the area. Right at Flying Squirrels, they have ensured to create a new attraction that will offer a hundred percent safety and security while experiencing the new twist they have incorporated into fun and adventure.

Flying Squirrel Zipline

The Flying Squirrels zip line adventure is one of the main and among the favorite Chiang Mai attractions that tourists often visit when they come to the beautiful country of Thailand. The group has first developed a unique type of attraction within the area that is combined with zip lines and their own exclusively built obstacle course that settles high up the treetops where you will be able to see the amazing forests that Chiang Mai has to offer.
Unlike any other areas, the Flying Squirrels Chiang Mai lets the guests have fun high above the tree-tops while riding a bike, and they can also ride down the trunks of huge age-old trees to add up to the fun and excitement the guests are already experiencing. Not only that, but you can also ride high above canopies which make the adventures here at Flying Squirrel Chiang Mai perfect for everyone of all ages, thus making this place one of the best Chiang Mai attractions available.

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Their goal at the Flying Squirrels Chiang Mai is to give each and every one of their guests an exceptional and unparalleled adventure right on the treetops of Chiang Mai abundant and plush forests. They want to change the everyday and familiar zip line tours to make these more exciting, unique, engaging, while also keeping the whole expedition fun and memorable. Furthermore, the people at Flying Squirrels Chiang Mai zipline maintain the highest standards of safety when it comes to the whole tour, and also the equipment that they use to avoid any unwanted accidents, plus to keep guests from worrying about their safety during the exploration.

Flying Squirrels Adventures

The treetop adventure in this fun area consists of a variety of exciting and interesting challenges that are possible for all individuals and groups; may it be couples, soloists, or a huge group of people, all guests who visit the Flying Squirrels Chiang Mai will be sure to have an activity that will surely bring fun and excitement for their exploration.

Most of the activities available in the camp educate the participants about coordination, balance, as well as concentration, allowing them to increase their courage and self-esteem as they go through these engaging challenges and successfully reach their goal during the whole adventure. Although fun, the activities present in Flying Squirrels sometimes represent actual life situations or experiences; and since the activities present in the camp can actually teach people to face challenges and difficulties with more courage, it also helps the participants to have a clear mind to think of how to get through these obstacles.

The forests natural terrain has been taken advantage of when the site for the Flying Squirrels Chiang Mai camp was situated in this area; here, they have designed and built the obstacles in such a way that these will blend perfectly with the rich, green environment. Meanwhile, the people working in the camp incorporate long term programs to ensure the health of the trees and that none of these are harmed when building these obstacle courses for the fun and entertainment of the guests who visit the area. They have also taken advantage of the skills of professional arboriculturists for this task since the group also makes sure that the trees used to position the obstacles are well taken care of and preserved since these are ancient and age-old trees that the locals revere and admire.

Generally, the flight will take about two and a half hours which will include a few physical activities that are easy for everyone to take part in; also, there will be two professional flight officers who will guide the guests in every flight that takes place. Joining in the group flights in Flying Squirrels are great for team building activities and exercises since you are given the chance to create your own team or group for the exploration; if not, you can choose to join a group and get to befriend your acquaintances who come from different parts of the world.

Flights usually begin with an informative and detailed briefing which consists of safety precautions, proper positioning while up in the air, and other pertinent details that relate to the whole adventure. The course is made up of thirty-two stations, seventeen zip lines, six walking steps, an abseil (the controlled slide of a vertical descent), two climbing nets and sky bridges, a skateboard, Tarzan jump, slider, and the bicycle zip line. More details regarding each of these courses are thoroughly explained in detail in Flying Squirrels Chiang Mai’s official website.

Chiang Mai Zipline

Within Chiang Mai, a battle between Gibbons, Squirrels, and Eagles is happening as they continue to fight for dominance when it comes to being the best in zip line adventures, explorations, and tours. Flight of the Gibbons were the ones who first set up shops in the big tourist spots in Thailand, and are considered as the heavyweights when it comes to this category; however, there are currently three other companies who are battling out to be the best when it comes to ziplining adventures.

The zip line tours in Chiang Mai are considered as one of the most famous attractions that tourists take part in when they visit Thailand; and the company, Tree Top Flight Co., Ltd. has announced and are proud of their new activity, the Flying Squirrels. Visit their camp and enjoy continuous fun activities that are all different and have variety which will definitely change how you see extreme adventures.

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