Chiang Mai Weather – Best Time to Visit Thailand

Chiang Mai is an ideal place to travel because it offers a blend of culture, adventure, architecture, nature trips, shopping, leisure and so much more. What happens when you visit Chiang Mai, Thailand and you find yourself not totally enjoying the trip due to bad weather? It would be fun if you can enjoy participating in festivals and visiting places in Chiang Mai if you only know what weather in Chiang Mai is the most favorable for such travels. Like the rest of Southeast Asia the climate in this country is generally hot and humid. There are three main seasons which is summer, rainy and cool season. The same thing can be said about Chiang Mai weather even if it is located in Northern part of Thailand. However, in comparison to weather Chiang Mai it is considered to have a cooler climate than the sweaty heat of Bangkok. Simply put, the climate is more aggregable in this part of Thailand.

Chiang Mai Weather

If truth be told, traveling to Thailand is a breeze since this is a tourist friendly country. Whether you are traveling for pleasure or business you should plan ahead. This will make a difference in making your journey as pleasant as possible:

  • Cool Season. Runs from December to end of February. Think of chilly evenings
  • Hot Season. Range from April to June. If you are not accustom to tropical heat the humid weather Chiang Mai is actually draining and will make you feel sluggish
  • Rainy Season. Starts from end of May and ends in November. This is generally characterized by heavy downpour and torrential rains

Weather in Chiang Mai

Each of these seasons of weather in Chiang Mai have their own personalities and knowing them will make a difference whether you are in the right season to go for a visit for your purpose. By the way the most popular Chiang Mai weather out of the three season has got to be the cool season. This is when you will enjoy the chilly evenings and riding a motorcycle to get around. This is the right time to go for a trek in the mountains. It is a good idea to pack extra clothes because as midday approaches the temperature rises up to 30 Celsius. Seasoned travelers to this place says that it would be wise to pack a few summer clothes especially for this purpose.

During the hot season, weather Chiang Mai means there is no moisture in the air since this is a no rain period. Rainy season makes Chiang Mai weather very wet indeed. Here is when you must be prepared for torrential downpours that can last for an hour or sometimes it could be a steady stream of water. Rainfall is heaviest during September. With the rainy season comes the new breath of freshness where you can see the landscape starting to look gorgeously alive with greens.

Chiang Mai Weather by Month

Each month of the year has its own special characteristics which is why it is vitally important to get an idea on what you can expect during each of these months. Suffice it to say that there are more favorable months to visit Chiang Mai. The specific weather conditions are all sorted here where you can see Chiang Mai weather by month.  You will know why some weather conditions are considered to be better than the others because weather in Chiang Mai is controlled by tropical monsoons.  When planning a trip it is nice to know what kind of weather Chiang Mai you can expect. You can also avoid exposing yourself in air pollution during certain months in this place which is actually the point of knowing Chiang Mai weather by month:

Chiang Mai Weather October

October is said to be one of the nicest times to visit this place. It is during this time when the wet weather has cease and you can see the rice fields creating a patchwork of green. Chiang Mai weather in October can still be rainy at times but generally it is mostly sunny. The rains actually makes the air cooler hence less humid. Not all tourist know that Chiang Mai weather October is a nice time to enjoy this part of Northern Thailand.

Chiang Mai Weather November

November is considered to be the peak of tourist season. Chiang Mai weather in November holds up well because it is during this season when the weather dries up as sunny skies and cooler days is ushered in. The Chiang Mai weather in November shows the lush remains of six months of rain. According to those who took trips during this month this is the time when although there may be tourists the weather is at its best. As a bonus you get to see a clear view of the majestic mountains.

Chiang Mai Weather December

One of the busiest months for tourism in the North since tourists from around the world take advantage of the cool weather in the area. Expect packed hotels and busy roads, but it will all pay off once you get the chance to have outstanding views of the mountain ranges and other fascinating views.

Chiang Mai Weather January

January is a very popular weather because aside from December, Chiang Mai weather January is when tourists who love seeing the mountains rush to visit Northern Thailand. If you do visit Europe, expect that you will experience the same Chiang Mai weather January like the sunny summer day and chilly evenings. This is a great combination that any tourists cannot say no to. According to weather Chiang Mai expect at least 9 hours of sunshine per day. In terms of precipitation there is light to moderate rain at certain days.

Chiang Mai Weather February

February is when the weather and temperature is agreeable. Chiang Mai weather February gets hot around midday in the valleys. However, do not expect rain. This Chiang Mai weather during end of February for some might not be as conducive for those who are suffering from respiratory issues because of the smoky season. This is when even locals are advice to stay indoors. Although the air is clear most of February month.

Chiang Mai Weather March

March is one of the months not conducive for tourist visits. This is because Chiang Mai weather March is when the air is thick with dust and micro particles in the air. This is because of widespread rural burning. The haze actually covers a clear view of the mountains. Since there is no breeze and the results can be hazardous on certain days. There may be times when that air pollution can reach to unsafe levels. Some seasoned travelers advice that the air quality of Chiang Mai is not great at this month it would be better to visit the beaches instead.

Chiang Mai Weather April

April is the hottest weather in Chiang Mai. Chiang Mai April can reach up to mid-30 Celsius. The rain serves to cool down this Northern region while the landscape still remains dry. This is also a good time to visit because not only is Chiang Mai weather at its decent best although it is a bit hot, this is also when the annual Songkran Water Splash Festival is best enjoyed. This is also the month when hotel bookings are filled to the brim before the middle of the month.

Chiang Mai Weather May

May in Chiang Mai spells an improvement on the hot weather Chiang Mai. Chiang Mai weather May is when tourists’ visits are at a decline. This is when the rains arrive and afternoon storms are frequent to cool things off. This also means sunny skies weather Chiang Mai. The weather during this month is categorize as average. Maybe this is also the reason why tourist are not particularly drawn towards this place during this month. Chiang Mai has been described as a tropical savannah with dry spells. This place is covered by forests, croplands, shrub lands and grasslands making this place a green environment that those who love nature will thrive in.

Chiang Mai Weather June

June remains hot weather Chiang Mai as the weather moves into the full rainy season which can mean as high as 90 degrees humidity which actually adds to the warm feeling. This is also when Bangkok and the Southern part of Chiang Mai is cooler. Chiang Mai weather June is said to be part of the transition months when the seasons tend to change abruptly. The landscapes are affected because of the weather. If you want to take good photos better take this factor into consideration. During the hot season even temperature can go as high as 40 degrees Celsius. At night the temperature may drop low but, not lower than 25 degrees Celsius.

Chiang Mai Weather July

July is low tourist season in this part of Northern Thailand. Expect that Chiang Mai weather July is cloudy as the rainy season cools the weather in this place. However, in between the showers you will still enjoy sunshiny Chiang Mai weather in between the showers. Although it is hot the days are cloudy. This is also the time when room rates drop at its cheapest. Even if the numbers of tourist visits is low the experience remains pleasant. If you can bear the hot weather this is the time to visit Chiang Mai. You can cool down in the swimming pool or sip cocktails beside the pool.  You can play like a lizard between noon and 2 PM. Drinking loads of water is a must and your skin will feel it evaporating. You can use talcum powder that has that cooling effect. This will freshen you up.

Chiang Mai Weather August

August us considered by backpackers as their most favorite month. Chiang Mai weather August permits tourist to get out of season crazy deals and see the province when it’s at its lushest while at the same time you get to bath in the sunshine. Even if its humid the weather in Chiang Mai is cloudy during this period.

Chiang Mai Weather September

September is synonymous with wet weather. This is the month when tourist are few. You can say that this is one of the lean seasons because every day Chiang Mai weather September sends showers. Although there may be episodes when you get to still enjoy the warm weather. You can also get the best bargain drop down prices at this month. If you are traveling on a budget this would be a nice time to do just that and visit this place. Think of the positive side of visiting during this month where you can still enjoy eating a variety of healthy fresh tropical fruits.

You can still shop which is why some tourists recommend booking near where the Night markets are. There are still a lot of activities to do when in Chiang Mai whether the temperature is hot, cold or rainy. You just have to know which ones of this activity you can do. If you are in for hiking or sightseeing and exploring the other facets of Chiang Mai you can explore the temples and museums while you have your photos taken. You can choose to go on a nature or adventure trip instead while you ride atop the elephant. You can also take a bath in the waterfalls. There are still other activities to do like visiting the botanical gardens. If you are in for more challenging prospects you can go for a hike or climb mountains in Thailand.

If you are looking forward to visiting Chiang Mai and have read the weather in Chiang Mai you will have a good idea when is the best time to plan your visit to the Rose of the North as it is dubbed. In terms of hotels and guesthouses, Chiang Mai is teeming with this which means it is easy for you to find affordable accommodations that is if it is not the peak season for tourist. In case you have booked in advance expect to get the best seats in the house because knowing more about weather in Chiang Mai will help you taste a bit of everything. This is how tourists sees Chiang Mai, the ability to pleasure you. It is no surprise to see once you tasted what Chiang Mai weather and this country has to offer you will come back for more.