Chiang Mai Nightlife

Chiang Mai is well-known for its abundance of age-old temples, so after you have visited a couple of these magnificent structures, you will surely want to unwind and relax with your friends in the nearest local bar that is available in the area. Some of the Thai locals want to think that their city is a mellow and quiet place; yet in reality, Chiang Mai is also a chic and modern metropolis where you can have a lot of fun and entertainment in the lovely region at night.

So how do you think the nightlife in Chiang Mai is? It is fun, relaxing and definitely an entertaining feat especially if you go to the famous Chiang Mai bars where a lot of locals and tourists frequent visit when in the region. There are tons of excellent pubs and bars located within the area, and most of them are just a few walks away from Old Town and the famous Night Market. You will surely enjoy the Chiang Mai nightlife because of the vast selection of themed pubs that cater to every tourist who comes and sets foot in Chiang Mai.

The Chiang Mai nightlife can be anything that will make you enjoy your stay; it can be a place for loud fun dancing and partying, or it can be a place where you can take delicious drinks while relaxing and listening to good, mellow music. Furthermore, the nightlife Chiang Mai offers a great area for drinking, and this is the riverside spot where the locals and tourists can unwind by the Ping River together with a delicious glass of perfectly created drinks and some good company. You will also be able to listen to live bands performing jazz, rock, and classic blues which is the trademark of every visit you make to Chiang Mai.

Your Chiang Mai nightlife will not be complete if you do not visit some of their best bars within the region, since every one of them offers something unique and interesting for everyone; whether you want to have a glass of brandy over a tête-à-tête, if you want to drink while partying all night, or simply watching live sports together with friends while drinking your favorite beverages. If you are worried about the prices being expensive here just like the pubs in Phuket or Bangkok, the drinks’ prices are definitely more sensible in Chiang Mai but there are some varying prices when it comes to the pubs located along the roadside pubs to the plush and grandiose hotel bars.

People who are searching for a great Chiang Mai nightlife go straight and head for the Nimmanhaemin Road which has become a really famous spot for the younger crowd in the city – particularly the Monkey Club that exhibits exciting live music as well as great food altogether. Aside from these places, the rest of Thailand also has a large number of reggae bars where beer is extremely cheap, plus the places are usually great for an ultimately laid-back moment.

To give you an idea on which places you should go to, here are the top 10 best bars in Chiang Mai where you can relax, have fun, and party at:

The Good View

If you enjoy listening and watching live music, it is a must that you visit the Good View; they have a cover band performing great old-school music while all the guests present are encouraged to get up and dance along with the music; some guests even get on stage and sing along with the band, which makes for an ultimately fun night with good company, great music, as well as deliciously prepared drinks. This bar and restaurant is fairly spacious so you should expect the crowd to get wild and rowdy; there is also an indoor bar area that is fully air-conditioned which is perfect for those summer months to keep the party going even if the band ends their live session.

Yellow Bar Chiang Mai (Zoe in Yellow Bar)

This bar and club located in Chiang Mai is said to be one of the best venues for partying and hanging out. They serve excellent and well-made drinks all throughout the night for everyone’s tastes, accompanied by great beats to keep everyone moving for a continuous fun and entertaining night at the venue. The Yellow Bar is a favorite among the Thai locals and even the tourists who visit the region.

The Riverside

Your stay in northern Thailand will not be complete if you miss out on visiting The Riverside – it is one of the legendary pub and restaurants that can be located in Chiang Mai which has made it a favorite among locals and tourists alike. It has a cozy and relaxing ambiance which makes for a perfect drinking and dining spot, offering the guests with delectable dishes and exotic yet delicious cocktails together with a wide selection of beer and other delectable concoctions.

Monkey Club Chiang Mai

The Monkey Club Chiang Mai that is situated along the Nimmanhaemin area is among the most famous night destinations in the whole of Chiang Mai. It has a huge outdoor terrace where live bands perform and an indoor club that has a dark setting where people can dance out to the beat of trance and house music that fits perfectly for the audiences that consist mostly of Thai students.

The Bus Bar


The Bus Bar can be located along the base of the Iron Bridge and this place is extremely fun and energetic, as it is an outdoor bar where you can have more space for relaxing and enjoying the night away. The Bus Bar is actually a huge double decked public bus which has been transformed into a place where tons of ice cold beer and delicious cocktails are served to a huge group of guests, plus the music that they play is a set of chart-topping hits that will make everyone bob their heads to the beat, but they also play various Thai songs and ballads to satiate everyone’s musical tastes. The food is not really that great at The Bus Bar but having a few drinks during the evening can be fun and enjoyable too.

Reggae Bar


The Reggae Bar is what the locals and tourists in the area consider as little Jamaica in Chiang Mai, and with a bar that has a Rasta-themed setting combined with a few galleries in the area, the place is sure to give off that Bohemian ambiance which is what makes this a popular place among the people. They made the sitting area of the bar comfortable for its guests, together with huge TV’s and great music for everyone’s entertainment. They also serve a wide selection of ‘happy’ food that is best accompanied with their served drinks.

Beer Republic


This bar offers its guests a selection of fifteen varying international lagers, beer, ciders, plus they also serve you with very tasty and extremely delectable burgers that you would indulge sinking your teeth in, as the juicy flavors burst in your mouth which makes it among the favorites of the locals and visitors who go to Chiang Mai. This is the only place that has the most diverse selection of brews in the whole of Chiang Mai, so this is another place that you should visit when you want to have a taste of delicious food and different types of beer.

The Writer’s Club & Wine Bar

The Writer’s Club and Wine Bar is considered as Chiang Mai’s unofficial press club for every individual who enjoys having a great conversation while also having tasty drinks in the region. The guests visiting this area vary from British writers even Burmese artists who make for a stimulating and engaging evening in the unique and relaxing area. You can find the bar right on the Rachadamnoen Road that is close to the heart of the Old City.

Boy Blues Bar

The Boy Blues Bar was rated as one of the best places for live music in Chiang Mai, the place bursts out cool and catchy classic blues every six nights a week since they are closed during Sundays. You can find the bar at the second storey of an establishment that overlooks the numerous stalls and shops below which makes for a beautiful nighttime view while enjoying delicious drinks, food, and music.

The Rooftop Bar

The number of rooftop bars in Chiang Mai is growing fast and despite having the Doi Suthep Mountain as one of the best places to take in the beautiful scenery of the surrounding area, these ever-growing rooftop bars offer quite similar views like when you reach high up the magnificent mountain. Compared to Bangkok, Chiang Mai is not really well-known for the rooftop bars but with the arrival of lavish malls like the Maya Shopping Mall and a few other grandiose hotels, the scene is slowly growing into a more prominent area for these establishments.

Some of the most famous rooftop bars that can be found in Chiang Mai include the Sala Lanna Hotel, THC Rooftop Bar, Myst and Maya Shopping Mall, the Pornping Tower Hotel’s Blue Bat, and also the Xanadu Rooftop Pub & Restaurant which can be located in the Furama Hotel.