Chiang Mai Museums

For a city that has had a long history of copious development, prosperity, achievement and untimely beauty, it is not surprising to find numerous museums of the hill tribe people, stamps, money, and even insects in Chiang Mai. Because of the rich history and culture of the area, you will surely have a great experience and more knowledge about Chiang Mai when you visit any of the museums that are present in the region.  While exploring the brilliant and charming region of Chiang Mai, it is a must that you add a few trips to different museums to your itinerary; there are a lot of places that you can choose from and all of these cover a huge selection of intriguingly interesting subjects.

If you have a certain liking and interest in arts, history, ancient establishments, structures, food, culture and other things related to Chiang Mai, you will surely find something appealing when you visit their museums that are filled with educational exhibits. Here we have a list of the top 8 Chiang Mai museums that you can visit, and it is a must that you include the trip to your journey to learn more about the rich and beautiful city.

The 3D Art Museum

In July of the year 2013, the Art in Paradise was opened in Chiang Mai and is known to be one of the world’s biggest 3D art museums in Chiang Mai, and it is actually a great place for an afternoon fun-filled activity in town. The Art in Paradise is an art gallery where the guests who visit become part of the exhibit since they can interact and connect with the paintings which give everyone the idea that they are actually flying, exploring the sea or even the most outrageous things such as growing angel wings can be experienced once they visit the 3D art museum. Here in this Chiang Mai museum, you can stand and position yourself at certain angles and study the numerous realistic artworks and see them come to life during your visit to the art museum.

Because of all the beautiful artworks and displays that they offer, visiting this 3D art museum and spending a couple of hours exploring their three-floor property will be an extremely fun and exciting moment; furthermore, you will be allowed to take as many photos as you want for memories of your trip to this amazing 3D art museum in Chiang Mai.

Arts & Cultural Center

\Another Chiang Mai museum of art that can be found at the heart of the old city, right on the road of Prapokklao; just across the establishment, you will see the monument of the three kings which actually honors the three royalties who established this specific area where the city of Chiang Mai is currently located. In the Arts and Cultural Center, you will be given full knowledge on the history and culture of Chiang Mai, the daily lifestyle of their locals, their agricultural ways, history, the hill tribe people, as well as the other regions that surround the city. If you want to specifically learn more about Buddhism and a few other collections of regional beliefs, there is a specific part of the museum that focuses on these, so you will definitely have a whole journey of learning and knowledge.

Chiang Mai National Museum

The Chiang Mai National Museum is situated right along the superhighway that is close to the Wat Jed Yod Temple in Chiang Mai. In the whole of northern Thailand, it is the principal regional museum in the area where it provides its guests a rich and abundant information regarding the history of the region while simultaneously exhibiting a wide collection of unique artifacts like pottery work and Buddhist icons. This place is perfect for learning more about the culture of Lanna, as well as its history and society so it is definitely another Chiang Mai museum to visit once you set foot in the unique and alluring city.

Tribal Museum Chiang Mai

Even if this Chiang Mai museum has relocated to the beautiful area of Ratchamanka Park, the Tribal Museum Chiang Mai has been around since 1965 and it has been displaying an abundant collection of artifacts and various historical information about the indigenous culture of the hill tribes which include Kariang (Karen), Meo (Hmong), Liso (Lisu), Yao (Mien), Khamu, Thin, Lau, Musoe (Lahu), and Iko (Akha), plus Malabri, which is a minority tribe.

The ways of life, belief, cultures, as well as the local wisdom of these tribes are exhibited in the museum and all of these are depicted through artistic figures and objects that are handsomely displayed in the museum. There is an excellent display of various costumes full of colorful designs of these tribes, as well as their unusual yet interestingly designed jewelry and accessories. Moreover, tools, musical instruments, utensils and other paraphernalia are displayed in the museum which tells the tale of each of the ethnic groups which is why the museum is definitely worth visiting.

Insect Museum

Chiang Mai has numerous interesting museums as well as unique and unusual ones – where an abundance of insects and other crawling creatures are celebrated and displayed for your curiosity and interest.

A ten-minute Tuk-Tuk ride is what you will need to reach the Insect Museum, where a multitude of differently colored butterflies and also various types of stick insects that camouflage around the area will surprise you upon your visit. You will also be able to witness different types of beetles and other types of bugs that are colored differently from the usual ones, plus they also come in different shapes and sizes which is why the museum is one of those places that you should not miss.

Dolls Museum

If you have a fondness for different kinds of dolls, you should take some time to visit the Dolls Museum that can be found in Chiang Mai. It is connected with a specific center that creates handicraft dolls and over fifty thousand dolls from all around the world have been created and displayed in the museum; such dolls include wizards, clowns, hill tribes, eerie looking warriors, neighboring Asian countries, and a whole lot more.

The founder, Yutthaya Boonprakhong has dedicated his life to creating dolls and has displayed his masterpieces in this expansive doll house for guests to view. The museum will provide you with a wide array of different types of dolls which include cloth, ceramic, and porcelain dolls, as well as their collection of special ones namely the Ramayana, hill tribe, and ASEAN traditional clothed dolls.

Chiang Mai Air Museum

You can find the Chiang Mai Air Museum close to the region’s airport; the museum displays a rare collection of airplanes from World War II, plus other related objects coming from that period. You will be given the chance to actually enter these historical planes and will be given adequate information and details regarding each of the airplane’s history.

Dara Phirom Museum

This museum focuses on Princess Jao Dara Rasamee’s life, who died in the year 1933; the museum was built to display and remember all her great works, achievements, and kindness, plus her various experimental techniques in farming which had caught the interest of numerous tourists and locals. You will see a lot of furniture, photographs, antiques, and other personal belongings that the princess owned.