Chiang Mai is the second largest city in Thailand and is greatly known for the shopping and food establishments in the area; yet to be more specific, the location is actually a favorite spot because of its immense Chiang Mai Night Market which operates all throughout the week for everyone’s convenience. Although most of the tourists visit the Night Market found in the area, everyone should know that this spot in Thailand has other captivating and unique Chiang Mai markets that they can visit.

Once you set foot in the alluring and enticing city in northern Thailand, you will be able to see most of the Chiang Mai markets that are available in the area, though some of them are not that popular among tourists, these markets still provide everyone with an authentic and traditional experience that a lot of people from all over the world crave and cherish.

Listed below are the top five Chiang Mai markets that have entirely become favorite tourist destination spots:

Chiang Mai Night Market

Every evening, the heart of this region livens up as the lights and sounds of the enormous Chiang Mai Night Market fills the area for tourists who visit and wish to experience this famous destination spot. This Chiang Mai market spreads out for a few blocks where a couple of stalls including bars, restaurants, and other forms of entertainment become available for everyone to enjoy, and among the biggest attractions in Chiang Mai include the stalls that are squeezed and pressed onto the pavement, as well as in purpose-built arcades of the Chang Klan road.

The Chiang Mai market is known to be legendary and is actually one of the cheapest areas tourists can shop in when they visit Thailand – this is because of its closeness to the origin of the products available, as well as the low cost of living in this area. The Night Market can be located along the stretch of Chan Klan road that is in the city’s center, and is also within walking distance to most of the hotels in the area.

Sunday Market Chiang Mai

The Sunday Market or Walking Street is a fairly large Chiang Mai market stretch that can be found right at the center of the walled area located within the city. The Walking Street starts from the Tha Phae Gate as the Sunday Market stretches at about a kilometer down the Ratchadamnoen Road. You can go visit the market every Sundays from four in the afternoon until midnight.

The Ratchadamnoen Road is generally closed to traffic especially when the Sunday Market is open; this is done so shoppers can easily walk around the area of these Chiang Mai markets to browse the various products and goods on display. Usually, people who shop in this area bargain for a good price with these vendors which are typical things that occur in the Chiang Mai market.

Compared to the Night Market that has a lot of imitation designer items on display, the Sunday Market in Chiang Mai exhibits numerous products that showcase the artistry, talent, and craftsmanship of the people of Northern Thailand; most of the vendors in the market create then sell their own products and you will see that the quality of their craft is excellent and highly notable. The usual products that you will find in the market include various materials like paper, silk, fabric, wood, glass, metals, ceramics and more; plus there are various figurines and other crafts that are perfect for souvenirs and memorabilia.

Warorot Market

The Warorot Market is just a few minutes away from the famous Night Bazaar, and rests conveniently next to the Ping River. This Chiang Mai market usually opens early in the morning, every day, and closes just right after dark. You can either reach the place by foot or Tuk-Tuk, and even the Songthaew is available to reach this place. Remember that it can be quite difficult to park in this area, unless you are taking a motorbike with you and not a car.

This is one of the places where most Thai locals shop, so you will expect similar goods that you usually see at other markets; the only difference is that the items are cheaper here plus are of better quality compared to others. Usual items that can be found here include fruit, vegetables, cosmetics, jewelry, supplies, household appliances, accessories, souvenirs and a lot more

Saturday Walking Street

The Saturday Walking Street or Saturday Market Chiang Mai is a fun, lively and entertaining night market that can be found in the beautiful Chiang Mai; it is located just a short walk from the old city walls which is easy to reach as well by foot or ride. The Saturday Market usually begins late in the afternoon and continues until about ten in the evening.

There is a myriad of goods available on display which can be easily compared to the products found in the more well-known Sunday Market and Night Bazaar. The common items that you will find in this market include silverware, handicrafts, perfume, clothes, accessories, woodwork, artist sketches, and even aluminum sculptures on display.

In the Saturday Market, there are no permanent restaurants available but there are countless numbers of drinks and food stalls that you can choose from when you wish to dine while in the area. Furthermore, you can also visit some of their eateries available, and also a 7-Eleven Supermarket that is just around the corner.

Thipanet Market

This undercover market opens early from eight in the morning until four in the afternoon, and tourists who want to find different crafts and souvenirs should head for this place. The market specializes in arts and crafts, as well as various Buddhist amulets that have somehow become a favorite item of tourists.

What is interesting about the Thripanet Market is that it displays products that are not available in the bigger tourist markets plus the items available are being sold in generous and reasonable prices.