Chiang Mai Elephant Camps

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In Thailand, elephants are considered to be among the most vital elements in the culture of the Thai people, and not only that, but these majestic giants are also a big part of the country’s tourism industry. Simply take a walk down the lush and mesmerizing location of Chiang Mai and expect to see quite a large number of travel agencies that offer different types of elephant-related activities and experiences that you can enjoy and take part in – if you are someone who wants to meet with these gentle giants up front, then you definitely should visit these agencies and see what they have to offer.

You can enjoy a simple yet exciting ride on one of the elephants, or you can be more daring to join in a whole week of mahout training activities in their camps; furthermore, you can also offer to join in some of the volunteer events that are provided by some of the elephant camps in Chiang Mai. Although there are many elephant camps in Chiang Mai, you should keep in mind that they are not all created the same way, so if you have specific requirements when going to these elephant camps, it is highly suggested that you take some time to do some research before choosing a place to go to.