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Chiang Mai Cooking Class

As time passes, the number of tourists who visit the northern part of Thailand has increased drastically which is why a small yet growing team of devoted cooks have created their own Chiang Mai cooking class to teach you and other tourists who visit the area.. Here, they will demonstrate how to create nutritious, simple, yet very tasty meals while desserts will also be offered for those who have more of a sweet tooth; catering to all possible dishes that guests may want, to ensure that everyone will have the best cooking class Chiang Mai.

Thais have always been known to be conscious of their health which is why they are also famous for preparing a variety of healthy dishes that not only look appetizingly tempting but taste scrumptiously delicious as well – not to mention that almost all of their dishes are gluten free. Whether you are searching for ways to learn how to make succulent Thai chicken dishes, curry, tasty and delightful salad mixes and other delicious meals that you would want to learn in the cooking class Chiang Mai.

Most of the cooking class in Chiang Mai offer a full day course or just a half day course, yet some offer a special schedule wherein the cooking class lasts for the whole week; this is highly suggested if you will be staying in Chiang Mai for a lengthy period and want to learn how to create a variety of authentic Thai dishes during the stay. The Thai cooking class in Chiang Mai has different prices and this depends on which school you decide to attend; some of the schools are extremely cheap since they offer a basic cooking lesson where students sit on the kitchen floor, whereas some are really pricey since they teach in the cooking academy instead. Just remember to look through what they will offer during the class and see which ones will be more beneficial for your cooking and learning requirements.

Each of the companies or groups that provide the Thai cooking class Chiang Mai will offer you round-trip transportation from your guesthouse or hotel in Chiang Mai, for free; unless you opt for the quick ninety-minute course or less, you will go to the local market instead to select your ingredients for preparing the meal. The Chiang Mai cooking class will let you see all the food from the market to your table, as well as all of the food prices will be part of your booking. Furthermore, the cooking class Chiang Mai will allow children or non-participating individuals for an additional amount of 100 to 200 Thai Baht per class but would often require pre-arrangements before the scheduled classes.

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Here is a list and overview of some of the most excellent Thai cooking class Chiang Mai that you can take part in once you visit the area:

  • The Thai Farm Cooking School

The Thai Farm Cooking School is among one of the schools in Chiang Mai that has been gaining a lot of respect from tourists and locals as well. The school can be located a few kilometers away from Chiang Mai and the school has staff and chefs that are all friendly and adequately trained to teach everyone the best dishes that they can offer. The Chiang Mai cooking class package provided by the Thai Farm Cooking School includes pick up then return to the hotel, shopping in the areas local market for ingredients, a farm tour, learning about how various ingredients and how to collect them, and of course, hands-on lessons on how to prepare six different Thai dishes before sampling the meals that you have created.

Three of the meals will be created in the morning and will be tasted once lunch time comes; the three remaining dishes will be made in the afternoon where it will be served to you in the venue or you can instead, take these back to your hotel or guesthouse. Furthermore, you will also be provided with a recipe book from their Thai cooking class that you can take home with you as a proof of your achievement, and of course, to be able to create more of the delicious dishes from the country.

  • Basil Cookery School

This school has been constantly rated as one of the top five overall places to visit, and a place for you to take part in to enjoy a session of Chiang Mai cooking class when you visit the area. You will notice that a lot of the cookeries for their cooking class Chiang Mai fit in as many tourists and students as possible, yet for the Basil Cookery School, they limit the attendants to a maximum of seven students to make one-on-one time with your instructor easier, and to simply have you enjoy the whole experience of cooking. In the school, they focus on healthy cooking so once you reach the local market to gather ingredients, you will be taught about fruits, herbs, vegetables, and other necessary ingredients for healthy cooking.

  • Thai Orchid Cookery School

The Thai Orchid Cookery School is similar to Basil since they keep their classes small with a maximum of just ten attendees. The cooking class Chiang Mai in Thai Orchid focuses on home-styled cooking where the setting is in a nice clean kitchen with an extremely homey and cozy ambiance. Furthermore, their school focuses on meals that look beautiful which will be created and served with love, so expect that you will also learn beautiful plating techniques aside from being taught the actual process of creating various delectable Thai dishes.You will surely enjoy the cooking class Chiang Mai when you start with the courses provided by the Thai Orchid Cookery; it will begin by skilled instructors demonstrating a few cooking steps and processes that you must learn before doing the hands-on activities. Another notable thing about the classes in this school is that you will be given the chance to cook your own meals individually on your own gas stove provided by the school; after the classes, each attendee will be given a recipe book exclusively from the Thai Orchid Cookery School and all the featured recipes will be the dishes taught during class.

Even if the Chiang Mai cooking class has ended, the instructors from the Thai Orchid Cookery would still love to hear from you and their other students and would gladly assist anyone who has further questions. They also encourage you to keep in touch with them, so they can help you with any cooking inquiries, issues, and problems that you may have in the future.

Aside from the excellent and unparalleled services these schools provide, there are even more positive Chiang Mai cooking class reviews that have been shared by tourists and locals who have experienced learning in these school. Moreover, these reviews have also helped these places to become the top cooking schools that you can go to when visiting Chiang Mai.

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