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Asia Scenic Thai Cooking School

The northernmost portion of Thailand is the home to numerous cooking schools which can be a little too overwhelming when you will have to choose the school you would go to; which school has this offer and which school does not. You will need to take some time to do some research to know which cooking school will provide you with the lessons you require.

A lot of people consider cooking as an art form, so if you plan to learn how to create delicious and authentic Thai dishes, the best place to go to is the Asia Scenic Thai Cooking School which is one of the best schools that you can find in Thailand. The Asia Scenic Thai Cooking School has been established by Gayray and her sister, Moon, and have incorporated a cooking course for those who wish to learn how to create delectable and mouthwatering Thai cuisines. Aside from that, the course also educates the students about food, as well as the most essential ingredients used to whip up their delicious dishes.

When you have finally decided to book a class to learn about their Asia Scenic Thai Cooking techniques, you will have two choices of where you can actually want to have the cooking class; you can either take the class in town or right in the owners farm. The Asia Scenic Thai Cooking School’s farm cooking course will also allow you to experience the Maejo Market, and get the chance to select the local ingredients required for the meals that will be made.

Even if Thailand has a lot of cooking schools in the area, the Asia Scenic Thai Cooking School is unlike the others because not only do they teach you ways to whip up scrumptious meals, but it exhibits a homey ambiance that also shares the culture of traditional Thai cooking. Furthermore, the Asia Scenic Thai Cooking classes offer contemporary concepts, ideas, and services at competitive prices. Here, they teach you how to be creative while also teaching the basic tricks of Thai cooking.

What is good about taking courses at the Asia Scenic Thai Cooking class is that they do not have fixed menus and dishes for you to make because they let you cook anything you want to cook – something that is different compared to the other cooking schools found in Thailand. Also, they do not just instruct you to follow the methods in cookbooks because learning is limited with this process.

Typical cooking schools in Chiang Mai usually have a schedule where the participants are briefed before starting their session, and after this, they eat the dishes made then leave right after; if you take the courses in Asia Scenic Thai Cooking, it will be a memorable experience since you will be learning the traditional way of cooking, various ways of growing your own vegetables and herbs, as well as other available traditional performing arts. The courses cover dishes such as curries, soup, stir-fries, desserts, salads, and a whole lot more – this is to help you create three-course dishes after a single day. The Asia Scenic Cooking School offers classes for full or half day courses either in the evening or day time.

Their full day cooking course begins from 9:00 in the morning until 3:00 in the afternoon, while their half day course starts from 9:00 in the morning and only until 1:00 in the afternoon. For their half day evening courses, these usually start at around 4:00 in the afternoon and lasts until 9:00 in the evening.

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