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White Water Rafting Chiang Mai

White Water Rafting and Canoe rafting are two of many outdoor recreational activities that make use of inflatable rafts to navigate through rivers or any type of bodies of water that will definitely give you a fun and memorable time. This rafting adventure  is often done on different levels of rough water or on white water which definitely represents a fresh and challenging atmosphere for everyone who joins in this adventure. Enjoy White Water Rafting Chiang Mai on the fast yet swift-flowing Mae Taeng River which passes through mountain ranges that are covered with beautiful and rich forests, spacious rice fields, as well as enchanting waterfalls during a fast-paced two-hour rafting ride downstream. Be prepared to get wet down at the canyon rapid as you sweep past the traditional hill tribe villages together with expert and professional guides that lead the way.

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Like every other known adventure sports, rafting Chiang Mai has its own elements of risk that must be taken note of; reason why there are professional guides that accompany you during the ride since the tour companies in Chiang Mai that specialize in rafting follow a very strict rule for safety precautions while also having commendable records of safety on waters which makes serious and slightly dangerous incidents to rarely occur. All of the guides who accompany you during Chiang Mai White Water Rafting have gone through serious and strict training about water safety, first aid, and rafting techniques before they can even be part of commercial rafting trips down the river. Furthermore, you should keep in mind that the most dangerous incident that may occur during these activities is by failing to follow and adhere to the instructions given to you by the professional guides.

Your guide is highly knowledgeable in which obstacles should be avoided to ensure that your whole rafting tour will be challenging but safe; so make sure that you follow his or her instructions thoroughly and you will be sure to have a safe, fun, and exciting trip the whole time.

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If you are someone without experience in engaging in such types of activities, worry not since zero experience is needed in order to begin with the White Water Rafting in Chiang Mai; the guides will make sure that you are adequately taught the various paddling skills and techniques, as well as the significant maneuvers that are necessary before you paddle through the big and strong currents. Knowing how to swim is not necessarily required, yet it is still a must for you to know how to maneuver yourself with the aid of a life jacket that will hold you up, in case you fall off the raft but it is a rare case scenario.

There are a few important things that you should bring during White Water Rafting and these include comfortable clothes such as pants that will allow you to move easily while rafting, t-shirts, river sandals, and towels that you will use after the whole White Water Rafting Chiang Mai trip. You do not need to bring any safety gear since all the required safety gear will be provided to you before the ride.

Pai Adventure Rafting

Because of the Pai River location which is situated right at the Himalayas foothills, and is also considered to be challenging yet safe, it is considered to be one of the most excellent rafting and white water rafting destination spots that can be found in the whole world. It will exceed the expectations of beginners, and also surprise and mesmerize adventurous enthusiasts when they set foot in this beautiful area. Pai is a verdant village settling within a peaceful valley that is located in the middle portion of the Pai River that stretches far more than sixty kilometers; additionally, you will also be able to engage in as many as sixty rapids that can be classified into four levels of difficulties. Aside from the exciting river rapids, you will also be given the chance to explore the hot springs, swim in beautiful gorges, and even shower under the waterfalls that can be located around the area.

For this rafting or White Water Rafting Chiang Mai adventure, you will have to stay the night in their available jungle camp and be in harmony with all of natures beauty to provide you with utmost relaxation and tranquility; as for the trip, it will have you ride through Pai, the Mae Hong Son, the beautiful and extremely romantic city of Shan, the area close to the border of Burmese, and the popular village of the Karen Long Necks. The expedition where you will ride a strong inflatable rubber boat will be led by an English speaking guide who is internationally trained on a standard level. He or she will brief you with safety measures as well as provide you with a variety of information about the province of Mae Hong Son.

The Chiang Mai Rafting Adventure does not only offer activities such as White Water Rafting packages; they also provide you with adventure packages for bamboo rafting, trekking, and other fun activities like mountain biking, sightseeing, and even elephant riding.

Chiang Mai White Water Rafting

You can choose a variety of White Water Rafting Chiang Mai tours offered by different companies for you to have an extremely memorable experience while in the northern portion of Thailand for Chiang Mai rafting;

  • Siam River Adventures Co., Ltd.

The company specializes and focuses on White Water Rafting and kayaking trips that are usually done in Chiang Mai and other spots in Northern Thailand; their tours are generally created for culturally-minded individuals while also stressing on various ways of how to locally preserve the customs and ways of living. The trips will be tailored for you, your friends, or family’s requirements. Aside from providing you with a fun river rafting Chiang Mai adventure, the company will also provide you and other guests an authentic jungle experience via their private river camp to make the stay worthwhile.

  • Chiang Mai Adventure

Chiang Mai Adventure offers its guests a two-hour rafting Chiang Mai trip that will bring you to some of the most spectacular and impressive sceneries that Chiang Mai can offer; moreover, there are complete safety gear and world-class river guides present to make your day a fun, wild and exciting one with all of your friends and family.

Before riding, you will be taken to an area where all of the necessary equipment and safety gear will be given to you, as well as a thorough briefing on how to correctly raft through the Mae Tang before heading for the river rapids that link their two river bases.

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