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Tiger Kingdom Chiang Mai

The Chiang Mai Tiger Kingdom is indeed a unique and unbelievable experience since you will get the chance to interact with adult tigers and also their tiger little cubs. In this place, guests will be given the chance to bottle-feed the baby tigers and if you are brave enough, spend moments having your picture taken with the adult tigers or pet these grand and amazing animals while enjoying the adventure at the Tiger Kingdom Chiang Mai. Just staying with Tigers in Chiang Mai for a few hours will already be a timely and extremely memorable experience, plus knowing that all the tigers present are well taken care of and are treated appropriately will give you a full peace of mind.

Furthermore, the tigers staying at the Chiang Mai Tiger Kingdom are not sedated., plus the facilities within the property are ensured to be clean at all times, keeping it hygienic and safe for the animals and the tourists who visit the place as well. Also, the Tiger Kingdom appoints professional and expert staff for each group of tourists taking part in this tiger adventure to make sure that everything goes smoothly, and all the individuals participating in the adventure are comfortable. There are on-site photographers present at the Tiger Kingdom Thailand who you can hire so you can enjoy and focus on the fun and amusements present in the property. If you are someone who has always wanted to interact and play with real and living tigers, then the Tiger Kingdom Chiang Mai is the best place for you to visit.

It is highly notable that the Tiger Kingdom of Thailand is a perfect combination of wildlife preservation and tourism since all of the collected proceeds from the tourists are generally directed to the financing of captive tiger breeding. Every year, the population of tigers in the whole of Thailand experiences a dramatic drop and it has been estimated that only about a hundred and twenty tigers still inhabit and live in the wild. Furthermore, experts discuss that it will only take a short amount of time before the tigers in Thailand will be completely extinct from their habitat; and as the population continues to grow, the places where tigers and other animals live freely will slowly decline. Also, the interaction between tigers and humans become imminent.

Because of this, the Tiger Kingdom Chiang Mai aspires to raise the population of tigers through captive breeding; however, because of their supposed captive habitat, these tigers will not be ready to inhabit the wild and will therefore, remain in captivity from birth to death which is unfortunate, but is understood to be extremely better than to have no tigers at all. Furthermore, since these tigers have been born in captivity and provided with a special diet of chicken and milk, they are often less aggressive and hostile compared to the tigers living in the wild. With that, these captive tigers can be visited by guests and tourists who provide funds to be able to spend some ten to fifteen minutes with these beautiful creatures.

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Remember that everything that they collect from tourism allows the Tiger Kingdom to increase the population of tigers through their process of captive breeding, and also to better develop and enhance the overall living environment of these tigers by obtaining more expansive and spacious areas for them to live in and roam around freely. Currently, the Chiang Mai Tiger Kingdom already has over a hundred tigers in captivity.

The Tiger Kingdom Chiang Mai

The first branch of the Tiger Kingdom was established in Ubon Rachatanee and was first called Ubon Zoo in the year 2000; during that time, they already had a lot of various animals but now, there are about fifty to sixty tigers present in the zoo, and they ensure that the numbers will further increase since their breeding program continues to succeed, allowing them to reach their goals in the future. During the recent years, accumulated income from the zoo has remained the same without any increases occurring, a situation that is slowly becoming a problem since the number of animals continue to increase whereas the income remains the same. Because of this, they have founded the Chiang Mai Tiger Kingdom on the 24th of March 2008, and is considered as the second branch of Ubon Zoo to earn more funds for these animals in the zoo. Aside from them providing the necessary amount of extra cash, the Tiger Kingdom also contributes additional enclosures and space that tigers require for them to be comfortable and relaxed at all times.

The Tiger Kingdom of Chiang Mai is located at approximately ten to fifteen kilometers away from the city of Chiang Mai, and the most convenient way to reach the place is via Tuk Tuk, Taxi, or their red cab called the Songthaew which will amount to 400 to 800 Baht for a round trip. It is highly suggested that you have the driver of these vehicles wait for you since it is quite difficult and more expensive to find another ride on the way back to the city from the Tiger Kingdom. Unlike other attractions, it is not required for you to make any reservations; just arrive at the property, purchase the ticket, then enjoy your time within the enclosed area. However, you should remember that there is a first come, first serve rule in the area, and if you wish to continue exploring the area even after the trip to the Tiger Kingdom has ended, you may choose to visit other famous tourist spots close to the area which includes the Mae Sa Elephant Camp, Snake Farm, Orchid Farm, or the Queen Sirikit Botanical Garden.

The Tiger Kingdom Thailand

The tiger, or Panthera Tigris, is one of the largest species of cats which has a body length that reaches up to 11 feet, and weighs up to 857 pounds when in the wild. A tigers most discernible features are its dark vertical stripes that pattern on its orange-red fur that has a slightly lighter lower side. The large, impressive cat is categorized under the genus Panthera species which includes leopards, lions, jaguars, and snow leopards.
Tigers are among the most excellent predators and they mostly prey on hoofed animals such as bovids and deer; moreover, they are highly territorial and solitary but they can become quite social animals when they are relaxed and comfortable. These beautiful creatures mostly require extensive and contagious dwelling areas to support their needs for catching prey; this, together with the tigers being native to some of the massively populated locations on Earth, has caused critical conflicts and hostility with humans.

In the past, tigers used to roam far lengths across Asia, from the west in Turkey to the eastern coasts of Russia; and over the past hundreds of years, these giant felines have lost about ninety-three percent of their historical range and thus, have been expelled from Central and Southwest Asia. In the present, these tigers wander from Siberia to the open tropical mangrove swamps and open grasslands in the area. Tigers are one of the most popular and easy to recognize charismatic megafauna while having been highlighted in folklore and ancient mythology as well; moreover, tigers have been consistently described in modern literature and films, have appeared on numerous coats of arms, flags, and even mascots for various sports teams. Also, tigers are the national animal of a few countries such as Vietnam, South Korea, Malaysia, India, and Bangladesh.

Tigers at the Chiang Mai Tiger Kingdom are all personally raised by their trainers ever since they were young, building a strong bond that will eventually grow between these giant felines and the trainer. Here, he or she will make use of a mix of trust, repetition, and encouragement to train these big felines; over time, these tigers will be used to having people around, and will know that we are part of their family. Also in this Tiger Kingdom, their experienced staff will ensure that you will enjoy the activities that you will be taking part in but you must still remember that these giant cats are still wild animals and should be treated with respect.

All of the tigers that can be found in the Tiger Kingdom Chiang Mai are stroked, handled, and pet on a regular basis; sometimes, these huge felines are used to rough petting and playing, which is something that will not bother these tigers since it is a normal thing for them especially when playing together with their kind. Remember that gentle strokes on any type of can will make them feel ticklish and eventually, irritated, especially for a tiger or any sleeping feline; the best way to stroke or massage them is to stroke the tiger firmly then cuddle to make them feel comfortable. Although it may sound like a frightening act to some, the experts will brief you on the proper ways to touch and interact with these tigers, plus they will assist you throughout the stay.

For the baby tiger cubs, compared to the adults, they are extremely playful and would not turn back from approaching you, though remember that sometimes, their play can become a little rough, and they tend to bite just like regular cats do so there must be extra caution when playing, petting and having fun with the tigers baby cubs. When tourists come to visit and spend a really short time in the Chiang Mai Tiger Kingdom, they often encounter these magnificent beings sleeping and relaxing on their chosen spot in the area; however, cats are cats and sleeping is something that they do for about eighteen hours a day, just think that they are like your regular house cats and kittens who sleep most of the times in your home.

Just like every other cat, these tigers tend to sleep most of the day, so please do not think that these huge felines were drug to be in this state, because in the Tiger Kingdom, the animals present are never treated this way. For you to make the most of your Tiger Kingdom visit, the staff will play with these tigers so they will be trained to stay up during the day, then sleep and rest during the night.

Tiger Kingdom Activities

Remember that the place is not a zoo, but it is a combination of a restaurant and a Tiger Park, and it can be considered a haven for big and small cat lovers alike, so experiencing and interacting with these majestic animals will be the most memorable activity you can take part in when you visit Chiang Mai. The restaurants present in the area are open daily from nine in the morning until nine in the evening, where they serve delicious international cuisines and mouthwatering Thai dishes as well. Their restaurant can welcome about a hundred fifty people, with the place being fully air-conditioned with thirty-five seats and a terrace spot that will ensure that you and every other guest will be comfortably indulging in your meals while at the Tiger Kingdom.

Here, you have the option to touch and play with the tigers and choose whether to interact with the smaller or bigger tigers present. There are a variety of prices for the sizes of tigers that you choose to play with, but if you are unsure, there will be a friendly and professional staff who will assist you throughout the time you will be staying.
Here, you have the option to touch and play with the tigers and choose whether to interact with the smaller or bigger tigers present. There are a variety of prices for the sizes of tigers that you choose to play with, but if you are unsure, there will be a friendly and professional staff who will assist you throughout the time you will be staying.

  • Smallest You can spend about ten-minutes up-close with baby tiger cubs to pet, play, and stroke their fur. Their ages range from two to four months.
  • Small also a ten-minute interaction session with the smaller tigers whose ages range from five to ten months.
  • Medium a ten-minute up-close interaction with the medium sized tigers. They usually have the age of eleven to fifteen months.
  • Big interacting up close with the bigger tigers for ten-minutes. They are the older ones whose ages range from sixteen to thirty-six months old.

The best time for playing with these giant felines should be around ten in the morning until six in the evening.

Tiger Kingdom Chiang Mai Prices

All the prices included for the type of visit that you choose includes premium insurance as well as local VAT of 7%

Single Ticket
  • Big Tigers – 800 Thai Baht per person
  • Medium Tigers – 800 Thai Baht per person
  • Small Tigers – 900 Baht per person
  • Smallest Tigers – 1,000 Baht per person
Package Ticket
  • Take 2: Big or Medium Tigers + a small one
    1,400 Thai Baht per person
  • Take 3: Big or Medium + Small Tiger + Smallest Tiger
    2,300 Thai Baht per person
  • Take 4: Addition of a Big + Small + and the Smallest Tiger
    2,800 Thai Baht per person
  • Take All: Big Tigers + Medium Tigers + a Small Tiger + 2 Small Tigers + Smallest Tiger
    There will also be a photographer who can take pictures for you, for free, plus the package includes an additional cage.
    3,500 Thai Baht per person

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