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Mountain Biking Chiang Mai

If you are searching for the best place in Thailand for mountain biking tours, Chiang Mai is the most ideal place for you to take part in these activities. Since the area is surrounded by national parks and mountain ranges, you will be sure to enjoy the off-road adventures and crisscrossed trails which make mountain biking Chiang Mai the best in the area. Each one of the available biking tours has been selected specifically to cater to the different levels each individual has, whether you are a beginner or already an advanced rider, everyone will surely have a blast during the Chiang Mai Mountain Biking.

Mountain biking Chiang Mai has been successfully operating for over ten years and is the leading mountain biking company that is based in Chiang Mai, Thailand; Chiang Mai Mountain Biking offers you Downhill and Cross Country Mountain Bikes together with all the necessary safety gears and unparalleled knowledge about the pathways and trails in the forests of the National Park in the greater Chiang Mai region. Remember to take some time to review and study the list of trails that will be provided, and also take note that all the available rides are fashioned based on your riding abilities plus the main goal of your guide is to provide a challenging yet memorable riding experience just for you.

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This will definitely be the perfect getaway for escape from the busy and bustling city, where you will be able to immerse in the beauty of the surrounding verdant forests while enjoying fun filled Chiang Mai adventures that are available in the property. You will spend hours and hours riding down the unmapped trails right on the Himalayan foothills, allowing you to experience the uniquely interesting yet beautiful routes that can only be accessed via mountain bike tours. The available 4×4 truck will take you and the other guests right at the top of the mountain ranges at approximately 5,700 feet or 1,600 meters. Aside from these fun filled Chiang Mai Mountain Biking adventures, you will be able to meet the isolated Hill Tribe people while also experiencing the ambiance of northern Thailand’s jungles; additionally, you will be taught a variety of riding skills by the professional instructors who will accompany you during the mountain biking Chiang Mai adventures.

Mountain Biking and Chiang Mai Adventures’ Prices

  • The Eagles Route

This is considered to be one of the best mountain biking Chiang Mai introductory rides to Off-Road (Jeep Tracks) adventures; the drive down through the National Park at Doi Suthep exhibits outstanding views and breathtaking sceneries of the Mae Ping Valley below, plus the lush forest landscapes that make this specific activity one of the most panoramic and famous Chiang Mai Mountain Biking activities in the area.

  • Highlanders Route

Another one of the Chiang Mai mountain biking adventures where the Doi Suthep displays its beauty and its finest; beginning at the mountain’s summit, the off-road trail gradually shifts to a single track that leads you deep into a highland jungle ravine; quite the physical challenge when climbing out, yet a very rewarding view that will be handsomely displayed before you.

  • Old Smugglers Route

A mountain biking Chiang Mai adventure where you will cross over then climb through Remote Mountain tops of the Chiang Mai National Park; anyone who takes advantage of this adventure will truly enjoy the scenic rides together with fun yet challenging downhill sections right into the Samoeng Valley and Mae Ping.

Keep in mind that these tours are all divided by levels of difficulty, ensuring that everything will be fit for your needs and requirements.

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