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Chiang Mai Rock Climbing

CMRCA is a dynamic and fast-growing group that is aiming to increase the consciousness of people about a more mindful world and environmental sustainability. They see a great future where an authentic and genuine experience outdoors, together with a lifestyle of healthy living is greatly valued and embraced by society; and it also inspires a lot of communities, organizations, and also individuals to live healthy and to act sustainably in every way possible. CMRCA or also known as Chiang Mai Rock Climbing Adventures has ten important values which define and characterize the group which also depicts how their company operates. With that in mind, they also incorporate these core values when they make various decisions, when they interact and communicate with their customers and the community living around them.

History of Chiang Mai Rock Climbing Adventures

In November of the year 2001, CMRCA was simply a small organization of local climbers who lived in Chiang Mai, where the founder (Josh) and co-founder (Francis) were still developing and actively bolting, while their managing director (and now founder, Kat) had been working her way to become a professional and successful climber, as well as part of the Thai National Team. They saw all the potential that they had and for their home to develop and establish an active and strong Chiang Mai rock climbing community that consisted of foreign and of course, Thai climbers. Because of this desire to organize a rock climbing Thailand organization, on October of 2002, they finally opened CMRCA right after Kat had successfully won the Thailand National Championship; because of all the positive things that have been happening then, they officially had the company registered on the 16th of December of the same year and from then, began their journey to promote Chiang Mai rock climbing.

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At first, they were just a little team that consisted of Kat, Josh, Muad, Sorn and their first accountant, Pi Noi; they started their rock climbing Chiang Mai adventures with just the standard top rope, multi-pitched courses, lead, and always climbed whenever possible. Eventually, CMRCA actively developed Crazy Horse which brought more people in the property which soon had the area grow fast from just forty-five to over a hundred routes by now. Later in January of 2003, the beloved dogs of the team, Diamond and Black joined the crew, but things did not continue to go smoothly at some point after.

A new addition to their family, Pui and Taw joined them on March of 2004 and from then, their family continued to get bigger; furthermore, to make things even better for rock climbing Thailand, they created a climbing wall that was specifically created as the base of the Chiang Mai Climbing Club. By now, it has become extremely exciting for the many Chiang Mai rock climbing enthusiasts because of the presence of numerous routes at the Crazy Horse, which the owners of the CMRCA are planning to increase in the future. Because of the many bouldering areas that have been found around Chiang Mai, their rock climbing Chiang Mai community is growing active and kicking with even more locals and tourists discovering about climbing everyday.

Rock Climbing Adventures

For a great experience when it comes to rock climbing Thailand, try out the brilliant limestones that can be found in one of the country’s best-kept climbing secrets; the Crazy Horse among one of the most continuous, exciting, fun, and user-friendly crags that can be found in the world. Wait no longer and head for Chiang Mai rock climbing and enjoy the adventure!

  • Crazy Horse Route

Rock climbing Thailand has been growing and becoming more popular among locals and tourists who visit the area, so trying out the routes at the Crazy Horse can be a very entertaining and exciting experience, no matter what your level is when it comes to climbing. The rocks here are positioned somewhat vertically, to the slightly overhanging kind with just a few wild and steep routes for an additional challenge.

  • Caving Adventures

Limestones in Thailand always equal to huge caves, so in this particular adventure, Chiang Mai rock climbing instead of heading up, will go underground with the team for an awesome adventure that is incomparable to others.

  • Introduction to Caving

The course that introduces you to caving will help you develop various skills that are necessary for assessing openings, building anchors, as well as descending safely into deep caves and of course, getting out properly. Furthermore, this course will also teach you SRT’s or Single Rope Techniques in a huge yet dazzling cavern that lies deep within the mountains.

  • Explanatory Caving

During this course, you will be the guide this time yet despite the situation, an experienced instructor from CMRCA will lead you to the entrance of this deep and mysterious cave. Yet after you have descended into the area, you will be in charge then. The course is mainly designed for serious cavers which will provide you with all of the necessary skills that you would require when you go off on your own rock climbing Thailand expedition.

Climbing Services

  • Reaching Crazy Horse

The only way you can reach the Crazy Horse is to drive all the way to the area; it is roughly thirty-six kilometers from the city of Chiang Mai and will take about forty-five minutes to get there. You can take advantage of CMRCA daily transportation Songthaew service.

  • Equipment Sales and Rentals

The group offers you a complete program for rentals to satisfy all your requirements and providing you with everything you need at cost-efficient prices.

  • Search for a Climbing Partner

If you want to go rock climbing in Thailand but do not have a partner for this activity, CMRCA makes it easy for you to find one by using their partner finding board right at their shop. You can leave your information there or have a staff call someone who has also left their information at the shop.

  • Community Events

The group lives by their core value which is Think Like a Family, so because of this, the community hosts a monthly event and everyone is welcome to participate. Their events usually include a Ladies Night, Kids Day, Jump Start!, Community Crank Competition, and other special events with varying activities.

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