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Chiang Mai Bike Tour

The area of Chiang Mai is undoubtedly an enchanting spot that is close to the riverbanks of the Ping River that is encircled by rice fields, the beautiful countryside, and lush mountain ranges that are indeed picturesque scenes that everyone should not miss. Enjoying a Chiang Mai Bike Tour will allow you to explore the hidden and secluded places in Chiang Mai during this cultural, recreational tour in Chiang Mai.

Going on an adventure of mountain biking in Chiang Mai along the areas that surround this alluring landscape is one of the best ways to explore and immerse in the beauty of northern Thailand; here, culture will be infused with the breathtaking landscapes which make it the most excellent spot for biking enthusiasts, and also for those who simply want to discover and experience Old Thailand. With all the mountainous terrains, rivers, and lush green forests that surround the province, Chiang Mai is one of the most perfect spots for any Thailand Motorcycle Tours to take place in, as well as other scenic and leisure activities that you can do in Thailand. Furthermore, Northern Thailand also boasts a unique and distinct culture which can be seen when visiting various local hill tribes, or when you stop and take in the province beautiful and mesmerizing ancient temples.

If this will be your first-time joining these Adventure Tours in Thailand, you will learn that cycling through the rich and verdant jungle can be a refreshing and fun adventure since cycling, unlike walking, always lets you feel the breeze which cools and makes you feel refreshed despite moving and biking vigorously in challenging terrains; but most of these Chiang Mai Bike Tours go through courses on flat terrains while biking at a generally relaxing pace, ensuring that your mind and body will be composed and tranquil. This, along with a lot of refreshing and delicious drinks and occasional stop-overs to take in the beautiful scenery that surrounds the area, will guarantee that you will have fun experiencing the off the beat and unseen track sights that the bike tour Chiang Mai brings and offers its guests.

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Thailand Motorcycle Tours

This is definitely a biker’s heaven since the area of Northern Thailand exhibits the best and smoothest asphalt roads that can ever be found in the whole of Southeast Asia; this alluring, enchanting and exceptionally colorful area that offers the best Chiang Mai Bike Tour. Not only will you be able to experience such amazing terrains, but you will also enjoy the sight of exotic cultures, charming and alluring villages, plus the warm greetings of the locals in the area will provide you with an ultimately unforgettable experience.Chiang Mai is indeed a motorcyclist’s paradise and has become the most famous motorcycle touring holiday destinations in Asia; if you ask tourists from Malaysia or Singapore where the best place to ride is, or where they would want to ride most, they would instantly say Northern Thailand, right up at the Golden Triangle area which is the home of beautiful and colorful hill tribes, exciting winding mountain paths, warm weather, and also their exceptionally delicious Thai cuisines.

Some of the Motorcycle Tour Companies that offer various bike tour Chiang Mai include the following:

  • Big Bike Tours

Big Bike Tours offer genuine motorcycle tours and adventures that are guided to ensure safety especially for those beginner riders; so if you are someone who is searching for the best motorcycle tours that surround Laos, Burma, Thailand, China, and Cambodia, then Big Bike Tours is definitely the place for you to enjoy these Chiang Mai bike tours. Not only will they provide you with a fun and exciting day during their touring holidays, but they will take you around unseen and secluded areas, enchanting ancient Buddhist temples, various markets and other alluring sites that everyone will surely love.

  • Thai Bike Tours

Thai Bike Tours is an English company that provides you with guided biking holiday tours throughout the beautiful country of Thailand. Their offered bike tour Chiang Mai can either be on the road or off the road which can also be customized for you or your group, depending on your preferences and requirements. All of the Chiang Mai Bike Tours provided by this company are all done south to the bridge that is over the River Kwai region while their custom tours can be arranged to be done anywhere in Thailand.

  • GT-Rider

The GT-Rider maps of Laos and Thailand are known as the most excellent touring maps around since all of these have been assessed on the ground via GPS. Because of this, you can guarantee that all of their maps are accurate with its reliable road classifications, precise kilometer distances, elevation profiles, topography, and exact village or town names among others. The company’s tour information was created to help you plan an enjoyable, fun, yet safe motorcycling tour when you visit for a bike tour Chiang Mai; no matter what bike you choose to ride or wherever you are from, GT-Rider will assure that you will have fun while keeping things safe for you.

Chiang Mai Adventure Tours

For your mountain biking tours in Chiang Mai, it is always best to consult your biking tour company for areas you can go to, especially if you are a first-time biker in this area. Here are a couple of outstanding day-tour paths that will certainly entertain you:

  • Doi Inthanon

This is the tallest mountain that you can find in the northernmost region of Thailand and is only about a hundred and twenty kilometers away from the city of Chiang Mai. Because of its distance, it can be part of your biking day-trip, but to better enjoy the experience in this area, it is best to make it as overnight trip instead.

  • Wat Phra That Doi Suthep

One of the most revered and famous temples in Chiang Mai which overlooks the city, making it a great place to visit during biking tour trips.

  • Tweechol Botanical Garden and Huen Chaiharn Museum

Other notable attractions to visit that can be located in the northeastern portion of Chiang Mai.

There are other beautiful attractions that you can visit during your mountain biking adventure and these include the Queen Sirikit Botanical Garden, The Insect Museum, and The Erotic Garden in north Chiang Mai. Other attractions that you can find in the southwestern portion of Chiang Mai include the Chiang Mai Doll Museum, Dok Mai Garden, and the unique Ganesh Himal Museum & Gallery.

Mountain Biking Chiang Mai

Have fun and enjoy a marvelous day biking along Thailand’s Premier National Parks or in other alluring locations such as the nearby mountain ranges in the area. Tours usually begin after you have been picked up at a certain hour before you will be given the chance to head out for the trail towards the mountain tops for an exciting day of mountain biking.

Not only will you be enjoying this activity while admiring the beautiful surroundings of Chiang Mai, but you can also ensure that everything will be handled by the company to ensure your safety during the whole fun ride. Chiang Mai mountain biking will provide you and all of its guests the adequate and necessary safety gear that one would need during mountain biking tours, and these items include knee and elbow pads, gloves, helmets, biking shirts, plus back and chest protectors that are generally required for advanced biking trails.

Keep in mind that before taking on any biking adventure, make sure that you wear comfortable clothing and appropriate footwear for better grip and control.

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