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Bungee Jumping Chiang Mai

Bungee Jumping Chiang Mai is a fun and extremely exciting adventure that is associated with jumping from a very high spot while being connected, linked, or strapped to a large durable elastic cord; usually, these tall spots are commonly fixed structures like bridges, cranes, and even buildings that are great for bungee jumping in Thailand, or in any other place, for that matter.

The Bungee Jumping in Chiang Mai give you the thrill of free-falling and its rebound or after effect; when a person jumps off a specific structure, the cord used for bungee jumping stretches then the person who jumps ends up flying or shooting upwards again as the cord backfires then continues to make the person teeter back and forth, up and down until all of the energy has been exhausted. Bungee jumping in Thailand is among one of the favorite Chiang Mai adventures that are being offered in the area for locals and tourists who wish to engage in this fun activity; this is for people who enjoy getting an adrenaline rush or for those who wish to prove to themselves that they have the courage to do a Bungee Jump.

Activities in Chiang Mai

Bungee jumping in Chiang Mai is generally for people who enjoy traveling and exploring the outdoors while infusing great amounts of adrenaline in the process. With that, Chiang Mai is now proud to offer various ways to keep you and other guests excited while you create fun-filled memories during your adventurous stay in the city. Making a lot of effort to take part in these varying activities is a great way for you and your family to enjoy the outdoor life; Contact us make the schedule for the bungee jump while you arrive to Chiang Mai.

Aside from these extreme sports, if you want to engage in something more tame and romantic, you can enjoy rides in hot air balloons that are available outside Chiang Mai by the Chiang Mai Sky Adventure; if not, you can still have fun in the air by enjoying a few moments of zip lining which lets you fly and glide from one tree to another while being suspended and hanging over the lush greens of the Chiang Mai forests.

Yet if extreme excitement and getting a strong rush of adrenaline is your thing, one of the most pumping and exhilarating activities you can take part in during your stay is to enjoy bungee jumping Thailand activities that will surely get your heart racing. Outside town, you will find a couple of companies that will provide you with these bungee jumping Chiang Mai adventures, giving you the chance to leap from a high spot to make you experience a once-in-a-lifetime dramatic free-fall.

A company called Jungle Bungy has been around for quite some time, and is actually connected with two other bungee parks that can also be found in Thailand. In Mae Rim, you will find the X-Centre that offers a variety of extreme adventures with bungee jumping Chiang Mai being just one of them. Both parks will allow you and its guests to choose how your free-fall would end; either suspended above the ground or by dropping over water with a splash or two, right at the end of the jump. If you want something a little more fun than this, get your partner (if you are traveling with one) and have them join you for a tandem bungee jump so you can hold on to each other during the fall down.

Bungee Jumping Thailand

  • Jungle Bungy

This amazingly beautiful site is a place where large numbers of animals live; you can interact and play with them while watching the fun-filled action in the area if you are not into the bungee jumping adventure that most people come here for. You can also buy some beer or other drinks from the property’s lakeside bar to relax and still enjoy even after the jump has ended.

  • X-Centre

The bungee jumping Thailand experience at the X-Centre can have a jump that goes as high as fifty meters; here, you will be able to take in the fantastic scenery of Chiang Mai’s countryside before you dive and take the plunge from the free-fall spot. The bungee tower in X-Centre is a structure that has been customized to carry jumpers on a stable and fixed electronic platform, where they will be seated until they reach the diving platform.

Chiang Mai Adventure

Bungee jumping is one of the best ways to have fun with a large group of friends since cheering on for your friends and buddies can be just as fun as the actual jump itself. As you inch closer to the platform’s edge you will soon have to lean forward to leer at the wide space beneath you, making you realize just how high up in the air you when you notice how tiny everything below seems to be.
Once you decide to take the plunge, you step and lean forward until you feel your body falling down to the depths of the beautiful scenery below, and while the cool wind hits your skin as you continue to fall, you will start to feel that strong rush of adrenaline while you continue to plummet down at an extremely incredible speed. Just when you start getting used to the fall, the tension will eventually increase on the bungee’s cord, which will eventually pull you back to shoot up once again. You will already be hearing cheers from your friends as you continue to bob back and forth until the tension slowly fades.

Finally, once you are able to set your feet back on the ground, you can be proud of yourself for going through this fun activity while conquering any fears that you had earlier on.

Bungee Jumping Prices

The following are bungee jumping prices that are offered by Jungle Bungy and X-Centre:

  • Jungle Bungy Prices

The prices offered vary from 2,000 Thai Baht to 3,000 Thai Baht, depending on the types of packages you choose for your adventure. All of their packages include insurance, certificates, and pick-up and return to your guesthouse or hotel.

  • X-Centre Prices

Similarly, their prices also range from two to three thousand Thai Baht which also depends on the type of package that you choose for your jump. Also, your choices will come with insurances, certificates, and the pick-up and return to your hotel or guesthouse, but what guests always choose when they come to the area is the package that offers additional items such as T-Shirts, a CD packed with pictures that display the whole bungee experience. Another favorite is the movie DVD which is purchased separately since this DVD is filmed by the staff where the whole jump will be recorded from beginning to end.

Bungee Jumping Safety

Jungle Bungy has been operating since 1990 and is a fully insured and licensed bungy operator. They have a record for providing excellent safety measures while also providing safe services for the whole bungee experience.

For X-Centre, all the training sessions of jumpmasters are inspected by Ian Rauner, who is the manager of X-Centre; he was registered as jumpmaster in the past with Standards Association of New Zealand in the year 1991.

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