Bamboo Rafting Chiang Mai

The North and Chiang Mai are both associated with nature just like how the South is synonymous with beaches; with that in mind, you can explore the beautiful surroundings of the North in the most memorable yet fun way, by meeting the locals who live in the surrounding areas while taking some hours for trekking and enjoying some bamboo rafting Chiang Mai adventures.

If you prefer doing just one of these activities, it is possible; however, it is common that these two activities are combined for a fun and more memorable experience. Indeed, the all-day trips and multiple-day trips often provide three-in-one activities which even include some trekking sessions, an hour of bamboo rafting, and also a stop-over at one of the numerous elephant camps that can be located just outside of town.

4-Night Experience in Chiang Mai: Palong Villages and Chiang Dao.

Because Thailand is considered as one of the countries in Asia that have a tropical climate with very active monsoon seasons, you should expect to see in every portion of the mountains, a small portion or body of water somewhere which is the reason for the numerous bamboo rafting Chiang Mai activities available. With that, your bamboo rafting adventures may start right next to a village, or you may have to take a truck ride up the stream.

The guides who accompany you for the rafting Chiang Mai trip usually know good English so communicating with them will be quite easy; also, since they know that there are some dangers to bamboo rafting in Chiang Mai, or in any place, the guides will try to use humor or talk about the history of the area, or how their lifestyle is to lighten up the mood and to lessen your worries while riding these rafts.

If you want to fully explore the area of Chiang Mai outdoors without missing on the beauty of nature and its allure, the best way is to go around the area via water; and fortunately, if you require real kayaking or genuine white water rafting instead of the laid-back rides provided by these regular bamboo rafting Chiang Mai trips, the area does have exactly what you are searching for.

Siam River Adventures Co., Ltd.

Siam Rivers is an organization that is run by foreigners who work together with Thais to ensure that everyone has a fun-filled adventure while also getting a good splash during various river courses that they offer.

The courses you will explore varies depending on your skills when it comes to bamboo rafting, white water rafting, or kayaking; plus, it also depends on the length of your stay for the tours.

If you take part in an overnight tour at the perfect time during the month, you may even get the chance to experience the company unique and highly exceptional moonlight river rafting cruise.

When white water rafting adventures are preferred over the bamboo rafting Chiang Mai tours, you should definitely check out Siam River Adventures since the company specializes and focuses on white water rafting and kayaking trips that are available in Northern Thailand and Chiang Mai.

Although they do focus and specialize mainly on the more rigorous and exciting activities, you can still enjoy some bamboo rafting activities which is included in Siam Rivers 3-day and 2-night Mae Taeng Special, or you can combine this bamboo rafting adventure when creating your custom itinerary since you will be allowed to mix and match a variety of activities to meet your requirements and needs.

Some of the other activities that the Siam Rivers provides include hill tribe trekking expeditions, whitewater kayak training, elephant experience, full-moon rafting, and excellent multi-sport trips for all.

Chai Lai Orchid

If you want a more tranquil and relaxing retreat while in Chiang Mai, you can head for the Chai Lai Orchid which is a social business organization that is situated within the beautiful and lavish mountains of Northern Thailand. The company works and focuses on promoting kindness to elephants, helping these elephants, and tourism in Chiang Mai.

You can sit back, relax, and take a quiet and serene moment while bamboo rafting down the tranquil river to enjoy nature and its picturesque scenery. Traditional bamboo rafting Chiang Mai was the mode of transportation used by the locals in the area; this was how they used to carry various goods for trading whereas now, you can personally experience this relaxing mode of transportation in the area.

A guide or raft operator will be in charge of controlling your ride up the mountain to let you descend the river of Mae Wong until you arrive at the resort which takes about an hour or so. The traditional rafts are made of long and durable stalks of dried bamboos that are fastened and bound tightly together by rope.

Mae Taman Elephant Camp

You can take part in a variety fun and exciting activities in the Mae Taman Elephant Camp which includes riding with elephants through the jungle, ox-cart rides in a beautiful area, and also the favorite Chiang Mai bamboo rafting adventures down the river.

The tour begins with the elephant riding and bathing which is one great way to interact with these majestic creatures, while also learning how to interact with them through various commands and hand gestures.

After, you will take part in the ox-cart riding session which is scheduled before the lunch break; once you are done taking your lunch, you will get the chance to relax in an hour long Chiang Mai bamboo rafting trip where you will pass through the Mae Tang River. The tour price starts from 1,350 Thai Baht.

  • Mae Wang

Located in the southern portion of Chiang Mai, Mae Wang is a peaceful and reserved area where you can have fun riding the elephants present in the area, trek in the forest to visit the beautiful hill tribe villages to meet the locals there, and take a lovely bamboo rafting trip down the calm and tranquil river.

Aside from these, you can also visit the Doi Inthanon National Park from here since it is another place that is worth visiting when you set foot in the alluring country of Thailand. Both of the tour packages (Programme A and B) include bamboo rafting activities which you will surely enjoy during your visit.

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