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ATV Chiang Mai

There are tons of fun and exciting activities that you can take part in when you visit Chiang Mai, and these activities include river rafting, bungee jumping, buggy kart, trekking in the forest, elephant riding and a lot more. Yet one of the famous things that tourists and even locals do in Chiang Mai is riding the all-terrain vehicle or ATV for short; some people call this vehicle the quad bike, quad, three or four-wheelers, or quad-cycle.

ATV is defined as a ride that runs on low-pressure tires that have seats straddled by the person operating it, and also handlebars used for steering and controlling the direction of the vehicle.

The ATV Chiang Mai Tour is one of the best ways to see and experience the beauty of nature while enjoying the exciting landscape and terrains of the hills of Northern Thailand, providing you with a completely different surrounding compared to any other spot in Thailand. You will feel the power of these ATV machines that will make you bounce and leap while challenging the off-road pathways that lead to a forest, over the mountain, or even across the river while also letting you enjoy the richness of nature.

The off-road buggy, and also the ATV tours in Chiang Mai run at a languid and laid-back pace which includes a car guiding you at the front and rear of the escort. When these ATV Chiang Mai adventures drive off into remote and far-off areas of Chiang Mai provice, which are sometimes extremely rugged and bumpy terrains, you will be required to drive sensibly which is a crucial key to keep the whole ATV Tour safe. A lot of people who try out the ATV in Chiang Mai say that the terrains are quite challenging but without giving them the need or idea to drive recklessly to get through these paths; however, to keep things safe and running smoothly, those who take part in these Chiang Mai ATV tours should ensure that they follow all the instructions and leads provided by the guide, to have a fun and exciting adventure in Thailand.

ATV Thailand

  • Chiang Mai Tour Agency

The Chiang Mai Tour Agency offers an ATV Chiang Mai adventure on wheels together with the jungle track that leads to the summit of a mountain, and the national park before visiting the highlanders for beginners and even professionals to experience.

  • 8Adventures

This agency provides you with excellent locations that are perfect for your Chiang Mai ATV adventure, together with a team of professional guides who speak English and have very high standards when it comes to the safety of those participating in the activity; 8Adventures also offers either a short or extended hours of ATV riding in Chiangmai. The sessions depending on your requirements and needs. Other things that they offer you will be the combined ATV and rafting activities, among others.

  • X-Centre Chiang Mai

If you are someone searching for a Chiang Mai ATV tour or adventure that is completely different from others, you should definitely visit the X-Centre Chiang Mai for their unique ATV tours. With them, you can either ride as a passenger or drive the ATV in one of the full terrain buggies available; if you choose to become the passenger during the trip, one of the guides that will accompany you through the journey will take you to the hills that are richly covered with green and lush jungles that surround the beautiful area of Chiang Mai.

Furthermore, X-Centre offers a wide range of ATV that range from 70ccs to 500cc; here, you can select from two options which include the single or double seat which both lasts for an hour. If this is your first time to take part in the  Chiang Mai ATV Tours, you can first attend their training sessions that are available for everyone catering to all ages and skills for all to have fun and enjoyment.

  • All Chiang Mai Tours

You will be picked-up from your hotel or guesthouse then travel by road all the way to the camp; once you arrive, you will be thoroughly briefed about the safety, rules, and quad bike instructions for the ATV trip that you will take part in. Furthermore, the guides will also supervise a driving practice session around the camps track before letting you embark on the ATV adventure.

After the lessons and briefing, you will finally be allowed to drive your own ATV through the jungle trail with the assistance and guidance of a professional tour guide. From there, you will follow a trail that leads high up the summit of the Khom Long Mountain with an elevation of 1,459 meters.

Chiang Mai Travel Trail

Once you arrive at the Mae Taman Village (after being picked up from your accommodation in Chiang Mai), your ATV adventure begins here since you will be taught how to ride these amazing machines first. Here, the guides will assist and take you to one of the most breathtakingly beautiful trail that is lined with a vast number of mountains and hills of Chiang Dao with a handsome display of their rich, timber forest. From the spot, not only will you be having fun riding these ATV’s but you will also be able to admire the Lisu and Akha hill tribe villages that can be located along the forty kilometer stretch of the jungle trail.

ATV Chiang Mai Tours

If you are interested in trying any of these ATV adventures, you can go and visit the original company in Chiang Mai which is the ATV Chiang Mai Tours that is based in the Mae Rim area. With a combination of recent reviews, they have shared that the company has four different tours that may suit your various requirements. There is a half-day outing that is perfect for beginners or families who want to try out these ATV Chiang Mai adventures since most of the time, this tour will mostly be spent on paved roads. For the more experienced riders, you can choose from a half or whole day adventure where most of the rides will be done off the road while also going through the jungles and forests.

  • Tour 1: Mountain View Trip

On your own ATV, you will ride up the mountain that elevates at a height of 1,495 meters, and is also a round-trip that usually takes about three hours. Here, you will be given the chance to see the amazing landscapes of farm terraces and rice fields as you go through the hill tribe’s area on the way.

  • Tour 2: Off-Road Trip

An exciting trip where you will spend most of your time off the road; it is a round trip adventure that takes about three hours where you will ride up the mountain to reach the peak which will give you a great challenge when it comes to testing your off-road abilities. This tour is specifically for experienced or professional riders and is not recommended for beginners.

  • Tour 3: 1-Day Off-Road Trip

Another tour that is designed mainly for experienced riders. This is one of those exciting rides where about seventy percent of the trip will be off the road. After going through the beautiful rainforest, riders can enjoy a lunch picnic at the Doi Pui National Park before continuing with their trip up the mountain to visit the popular temple of Doi Suthep.

  • Tour 4: Off-Road Trip (Buggy)

A challenging and exciting off-road trip that lets the riders go through a jungle trail which is perfect for those who want to test their skills and challenge themselves as well. Another tour that is made only for experienced riders since the path for this trip is rough and very bumpy.

All of the tours provide transfers via air conditioned vehicles, insurance, and assistance from an experienced guide, and drinking water as well.

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