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Adventure Trekking at Doi Inthanon

The best way to enjoy your vacation is by making genuine and joyful memories that you will bring with you forever, and one way to have a very remarkable time in Thailand is by exploring the local nature of the northern region of the country. Aside from this, you can also meet with the locals who live out of the city and from there, you can take part in various activities that will surely excite and entertain you in every possible way. Some of the usual activities that tourists enjoy include trekking through the lush green forests in the area, white water and bamboo rafting, elephant riding, and visiting some of the hill tribe villages present.

It is possible for you to do just one of these activities yet most of the guests who take on these adventures opt to partake in all of these so they usually take the all-day or multiple-day trips to be able to immerse and experience the adventures, culture, tradition, and beauty of Thailand. The most recommended areas for trekking would be the whole of Northern Thailand with Chiang Mai being the best and most preferred starting point for such activities.

Because of the region richly verdant jungles plus its stunning and mountainous landscapes, the place has become one of the most popular tourist destination spots for thrill and adventure seekers, so if you are one of those adrenaline-rush lovers, head straight for the northern region of Thailand to experience the best activities that will surely make your whole trip fun and memorable. Trekking is known to be highly famous in the regions of Chiang Dao and Mae Tang in Chiang Mai because of the excellent woodland area, picturesque sceneries, and landscapes, plus numerous ethnic minorities and hill tribe villages that are present for you to visit.

When you take part in our 2-day trekking adventure at Doi Inthanon, you will surely enjoy going through the verdant jungles and stunning valleys, riding elephants, immersing in the breathtaking water of the falls, and interacting with the people of the hill tribe villages that you will visit during the whole adventure.

Doi Inthanon

The trek is considered as the nature reserve area of the Doi Inthanon which can be located in the Thanon Thong Chai mountain ranges; the reserve area covers a large expanse that has a range of about 1,000 square kilometers while the Doi Inthanon lies at the southwestern area of Chiang Mai. It is considered as the tallest mountain in the whole of Thailand and is a place where numerous jungle trails and brilliant waterfalls can be found. You can also find the Doi Inthanon National Park here, and it is among the most visited National Parks in the whole northern portion of Thailand.

When you come to Thailand, you must not miss out on visiting the Doi Inthanon since it has become one of the most famous tourist destination spots in the country, plus the Doi Inthanon National Park was previously ranked as the best hiking park in Thailand so if you are someone who enjoys hiking and exploring really stunning areas, then the Adventure Trekking at Doi Inthanon tour package will suit your thirst for adventure.

Day One

Adventure Trekking at Doi Inthanon tour will begin at around 9:30 in the morning where a pick-up service will meet you at your hotel or guesthouse then will drive you all the way to the destination spot; it will probably take a two-hour drive before you reach the area where you will begin the activities for the tour. Keep in mind that there will be a brief stop at the local market for you to purchase supplies and stock up on any other essential items that you will require for the rest of the 2-day trip.

Elephant Riding

After gathering the necessary things from the local market, you will head for the elephant riding camp where you will be given the chance to interact and even play with these smart and gentle giants. During this time, you will be briefed about how to properly interact and ride bareback on these elephants. Once you’ve learned all the necessary things for the ride, you will be allowed to ride on one of the elephants present before heading out into the lush green jungles to enjoy the clean and tranquil environment of Thailand.

Karen Long Neck

After the elephant riding activity, you will take a three-hour walk to reach the Karen Village which is located just south of Chiang Mai. The Karen are generally secluded and remote people who are highly protective of their tribe and the people who make up their community. These people tradition and customs have come from an age-old medium which the Karen claimed to have long forgotten, but one of these traditions include the self-beautification process of women in the tribe by elongating their necks by the use of brass rings.

There are numerous distinctive and unique characteristics of beauty when it comes to the Karen people since there are various divisions present within the bigger tribes. The Karen tribe is not one of those homogeneous groups but is a loose union of distinct and heterogeneous, closely related community. While staying in the village, you will interact, dine and learn more about their culture, lifestyle and traditions before heading off for the night in one of the houses in the Karen Village.

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