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3-Days Long Neck Eco Hill Tribe Trekking

This charming region is both sprightly and mellow which makes it a perfect place to visit for various activities that range from easygoing to exhilarating.

The colossal stretch of the verdurous forests of Thailand’s mountain ranges offers you a genuinely tranquil yet exciting escape where you can have a relaxing and adventurous moment all at the same time. This charming region is both sprightly and mellow which makes it a perfect place to visit for various activities that range from easygoing to exhilarating. Furthermore, a lot of people tourists and locals alike travel to the different regions of Thailand to experience new adventures and unique activities.
If going through different challenging pathways that allow you to immerse in the beauty and charm of the area jungles is your kind of adventure, or if visiting the hill tribes present in the region is something that interests you, then the 3-day Long Neck Eco Hill Tribe Trekking tour is one thing you should take part into, to create beautiful memories during your stay in Thailand. The tour includes a variety of fun and exciting activities such as elephant riding, white water and bamboo rafting, swimming by the waterfalls, visiting the hill tribes and its people, camping, as well as learning a lot of new things.

Chiang Mai is one of the best places for trekking since its mountainous terrains have excellent paths for such activities; plus, the beautiful surroundings make for a breathtaking environment that is perfect for any type of fun-filled activity. Another reason why this region is famous for various activities is that Chiang Mai exhibits the unique and interesting local wildlife to those who visit, plus you will also be able to experience and learn about the local hill tribes’ way of living.

The hill tribe trekking tour package includes being assisted by an English speaking guide, accommodations for the three-day stay, insurance, plus meals so you will not have to worry about anything else and only focus on enjoying and having fun the whole time you will be in the area.

Day One

Hill Tribe Villages

The day starts as early as 8:30 in the morning where the pick-up service will meet you before leaving Chiang Mai, heading to the Eco-Agricultural Hill Tribe Village where the Karen Long Neck, Lahu, and Palong are. Here, you will be able to meet the tribes people while also learning about their culture, traditions, and lifestyle.

The Karen Long Neck

Visiting these hill tribe people is one of the most interesting and exotic experiences that one can take part in during the stay in Thailand. Their use of brass rings to elongate their necks in a rather elegant and majestic fashion is much better seen in person rather than in books, so if you are in Thailand, take the chance and visit their village to have the most memorable experience in the area.


There are quite a huge number of Lahu people residing in the provinces of Thailand and Chiang Rai, and they comprise of several specific groups which include the black, yellow, and red Lahu where the colors refer to their traditional dress color.

Although each of these Lahu groups have their own dialects, they are similar when it comes to their way of living; all the Lahu people mainly engage in farming and they are all known for their skills in weaving and hunting. The houses they live in are all made of wood that stands on stilts and the wooden house that has a pole with a couple of flags identify the house of the spiritual leader of the village. Originally, the Lahu people are animists yet today, some have already converted to Christianity or Buddhism.

Shan Tribe Village

Before visiting the Shan Tribe Village, you will first drive and stop at the nearest local market to purchase various supplies and ingredients before heading to the place where you can prepare the meals the Shan Village. Once you arrive at the Shan Village, meals will be prepared here and you will have lunch with the tribe people in the area.

The Shan people have one of the most interesting and captivating histories compared to the other indigenous people of Burma, and they have lived in the region (now the Shan State of Burma) for thousands of years.

Elephant Ride

After visiting the hill tribe villages, you will take an hour jeep ride to meet the gentle giants that have been revered by the Thai for the longest time. You will spend an hour long ride on an elephants bareback and experience one of the most popular and unforgettable activities that you can enjoy in Thailand. If you are an elephant lover, you definitely should not miss this activity since you will get the chance to play and interact with these loveable and playful elephants that are also smart and gentle despite their size.

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The elephant rides usually follow a path through the forest where you will be able to view the rich flora and fauna then once you reach the section where the open area comes into view, you will be able to see the rest of the encircling hills and the rice fields of the hill tribes you had visited earlier.

Once the elephant ride has come to an end, you will begin walking by foot for a lengthy three hours until you reach another village where everyone will have dinner then spend the night to rest for the second day of the trip.

Day Two


On the second day of the hill tribe trekking tour, after having breakfast in the village, you will take an hour and a half long walk to reach the waterfalls where you can wash up, refresh yourself and spend the time enjoying the cool water and enchanting surroundings of the area. If you have a camera with you, you can spend some time taking various pictures of the amazing views surrounding you.

Agriculture in Thailand

After freshening up, you will have lunch prepared by you and the other participants before taking another walk that will take about a few hours as you walk through the villages, rice paddies and other agricultural areas present along the way. Agriculture in the country is highly specialized, diversified, and even competitive since its exports are known to be successful, internationally. While on the way to the jungle camp, your guide will share with you some of the secrets and various steps on how they produce high-quality rice.

Jungle Camp

When afternoon comes, you will head for the jungle camp in the area where you will spend the night to rest before the last day of the tour comes, and while spending the rest of the evening relaxing and chatting with your companions, expect someone to start playing the guitar while all of you are sitting by the campfire and enjoying the rest of the evening.

Day Three

White Rafting Adventure

On the last day of the tour, you will first have breakfast before taking an hour long walk to reach the beginning point of the rafting area where all the rubber boats are located. You will be flowing along the currents on these rubber boats but remember the whole white rafting adventure will last depending on the flow rate and current of the river. Generally, the ride lasts for about thirty or forty minutes to an hour yet either way, thrill-seekers will purely enjoy this adventure down the exciting river.

Bamboo Rafting

After the thrilling ride, you will have some lunch before you head for the last activity of the tour which is bamboo rafting. Since it is the last activity, you will spend the whole time riding a bamboo raft while exploring the rest of the beautiful scenery that is exhibited before you, and you can relax and unwind during the whole trip until you reach the pick-up point which will be the final stop for the ride. At around three in the afternoon, you will be taken back to Chiang Mai.


  • Accommodations
  • A collection of 7 meals will be provided during the whole trip
  • English speaking guide
  • Insurance

Things to bring:

  • Anti-mosquito products like lotion, cream, etc.
  • Set of clothes for changing
  • Passport Photo
  • If you are visiting during the months of November to February, bring warm clothing

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